Kira, the three-month-old was killed along with her mother by a missile in Odessa-

In an Instagram post a few weeks ago, the woman talked about the happiness that the arrival of her daughter gave her.

summoned KiraThe three-month-old was killed on Saturday during the Russian missile attack on the city of Odessa that killed eight people. Valeria Hlodan Instead it was the name of the mother who also died under the bombing. Miroslava Pica, the BBC reporter who published her story, told us Two photos shared by Valeria’s husband and Kira’s father, Yuri. Dear – Yuri wrote on social media – Your heavenly kingdom, stay in our hearts.

The photo has also been shared On the official account of the Ukrainian Parliament On Twitter: A young mother with her three-month-old baby – reads a tweet – Russia cut their lives when a missile hit an apartment building in Odessa. Rest in peace our angels.

In an Instagram post, re-launched by a Ukrainian journalist from Kyiv Independenteleven weeks before – before the start of the war – the woman had spoken of a A new level of happiness That the arrival of her daughter gave her. It was the best 40 weeks of my life. Our one month old baby – I wrote a picture of her when she was pregnant underneath – her father brought her the first flowers.

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