Like owning up to 10,000 euros

Furniture and appliances bonus Here’s how to get up to €10,000: all the details for your new home improvement support.

Also for this reason, it seems that the 2022 tournament is ready for a comeback Bonuses for furniture and appliances, For use in the restoration of home furniture under renovation.

Information on the new reward for furniture and appliances (Photo: Pixabay).

At the moment, the maximum repayment remains fixed at the threshold of 10,000 euros, although it should decrease for the next year; Anyway, there it is Full details of this bonuswhich can be really useful to many citizens.

Furniture and appliances rewards, such as getting up to 10,000 euros: details

This new bonus created by the government provides for the reimbursement of expenses spent on furniture and appliances paid as 50% deduction from personal income tax; The discount, as the Revenue Agency website explains, is valid not only for the most common household appliances but also for purchases of many furniture items (sofa, cabinets, tables, etc.) excluding doors, floors and other furniture components.

To access the reward, in addition to purchasing the items in question, it is necessary to implement Maintenance, restoration or reconstruction and restoration interventions, effective January 1 of the year preceding the purchase of furniture or household appliances. For any doubt, it is good first of all to refer to the website of the Revenue Agency, where all the information on this matter can be read easily.

The reward will be paid accurately by deduction of personal income tax; This is after payment (also in installments) of the things concerned by bank transfer, debit or credit card, keeping the appropriate certificates.

Additional Furniture Hardware
Irpef discounts for furniture and appliances under certain conditions (Photo: Pixabay).

Specifically, it is It is necessary to keep it Transfer receipt, transaction receipt (this is in connection with payments by credit or debit card); Then the debit documents on the current account, and invoices for the purchase of goods (showing the nature, quality and quantity of the goods and services obtained).

This bonus can certainly Be useful to many who decide to interfere in their homes And who would like to renew it, perhaps this personal income tax deduction will encourage them.

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