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The annual rendezvous with the officially licensed Milestone MotoGP racing series is repeated with a new edition: here is the MotoGP 22 review

there MotoGP 22 . Review It takes us back to the World Championship tracks, grappling with the ever-increasing simulation mechanics of the Milestone Series and with some big news. We note in particular the introduction of the narrative mode for the 2009 season of NINE, which finally managed to mark the franchise even in the mandatory annual frequency.

The inevitable modernization in terms of teams, drivers and tracks is accompanied this time by a driving model The most relentless simulation, which loses access and requires commitment, but at the same time it has an undeniable thickness. In terms of content, the show is instead presented in a very traditional way, suggesting the strong managerial profession and surrounding modalities to which local players have been added via split screen.


MotoGP 22, a thrilling chase on the track

Let’s start right Contents, which on the one hand re-proposes the show already seen starting in the 2020 edition, with its intriguing managerial career and the inevitable outline made up of singles Grand Prix, championships, time attacks and advanced tutorials; On the other hand, they present the great novelty of The ninth position of the 2009 seasonin collaboration with director Mark Neal.

It’s one narrative story mode Inspired by the ordinary Formula 1: Driving to surviveThis is what the MotoGP series has so emphatically been lacking and needed: a series of thirty-nine scenarios, divided into seventeen chapters and presented through documentary-style sequences, that tell the story of Valentino Rossi’s 2009 MotoGP project.

However, we will not always find ourselves playing the role of the Romagna rider, but we will also have to take turns leading the other heroes of this extraordinary season, such as Stoner, Pedrosa and Lorenzo, trying each time to complete specific goals On the track in order to honestly relive what happened in that tournament.

The mix of narrated introduction, interview clips, and video sequences works very well, focusing on the action and generating a great sense of involvement in relation to the events, which are also presented for a reasonably short duration. Ultimately, a fun and interesting (last?) salute toThe incredible career of Valentino Rossi.


MotoGP 22, straight-through overtaking

MotoGP 22, straight-through overtaking

As mentioned in the opening, side Play MotoGP 22 pushes the accelerator more in the simulation, thus suggesting a driving model Fairly uncompromising, which does reduce throttle management and adds another pillar of difficulty by emphasizing the importance of perfect trails.

If you don’t know the string and come from which simcade, you’ll find yourself tall at every corner, unable to bend as necessary, even in the presence of many help Available by default. The key obviously lies in practice, and in that sense, both the tutorial and the MotoGP Academy prove essential to understanding the performance of the different mechanics once you’re on the right track.

MotoGP22, night race

MotoGP22, night race

Like any self-respecting simulator, the Milestone title requires long and intense sessions on the track in order to memorize where to brake and how to move around each turn, experiment with any setup changes and find the best approach. Improvement is around the corner, but it must be overcome and it is not a trivial task, even if there are many and options It helps make the experience tangibly progressive.

Unfortunately, some aspects of the game still need some improvement: Artificial intelligence ANNA is often very aggressive, open to intentional cuts and influences that rarely occur in reality. Fortunately, the collisions do not mathematically define an accident as they have in the past, but on that front the Italian team still has some work to do and the job of rewinding cannot be the answer to all the questions.

Graphics and sound

MotoGP 22 returns with an excellent sense of speed thanks to motion blur

MotoGP 22 returns with an excellent sense of speed thanks to motion blur

MotoGP 22 boasts a good achievement Graphics But again, particularly on next-gen platforms, the distance from the most famous racers is clear. In particular, the improvements made to the visual sector of the game compared to previous versions look timid and there are still some popups on some tracks.

Top PS5 The game moves to 60 frames per second Stable, an aspect also fundamental to the precision of the controls, and supports analog triggers by greatly increasing pressure resistance to simulate real bike controls.

The sound It can count on very realistic effects and the narration of the situation of the 2009 ninth season is always interesting, but in terms of Guido Meda’s commentary, again, this time is limited to introductions and conclusions, with no comment in the middle.


tested version PlayStation 5

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MotoGP 22 has the advantage of introducing the excellent NINE Season 2009 mode, a narrative-based story mode finally able to distinguish the game and which we hope to find again, obviously with a different focus, also in upcoming releases. Alongside the usual updates, which also include a nice split-screen multiplayer mode, we find a more simulated gameplay, which once and for all illustrates the nature of Milestone production, voted on by realism that does not offer discounts and implies a certain commitment on the part of the players.


  • Excellent condition for the ninth 2009 season
  • Lots of content, by tradition
  • deep play


  • Less easy than in the past
  • AI still needs to deliver
  • Graphically fair only

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