Naples Basket Sassari | 72-78 Napoli fail to extend Fortitudo

The Napoli Basketball against sassari He plays the third game of the last regular season of the NBA at home in a Balabarbut Complete again in search of the two points that would put the coaching team Maurizio Braglia In the best conditions to fight for salvation, thanks to defeat Fortitudo Bologna against Varese to 103 to 92.

However, the Napoli team misses the chance to move to +4 from Fortitudo which remains two lengths away. But now to win, the team will have to beat PalaDozza in an inside or outside competition. Coach Pucci returns to the ring, greeted with applause from the home crowd, and is now Sassari’s own coach.


The first four 18-19

No one scored in the first two minutes of the match, Rich takes care of him with a medium shot to score the first points in the match, and repeats himself immediately afterwards with a stop and a shot befitting his talent. However, as often happens in the season, Napoli seem to have a soft start to the game, especially in defence. Buscaglia is Forced to call the first time By 10-4 for Sasari.

Jeffy comes out well out of the break with a triple made at the end 24 from Felika. But Sasari proved to be a difficult team, especially in attack with Robinson, who puts the Azzurri defense in a difficult situation and Judites under the basket. Buscaglia chooses a long double tried against Milan with Lithuanian and Zerini together. After a complicated start, Gevi was able to get back on track and recover the initial defect by closing the fourth 18-19 In the fiery Palabarbuto.

Fourth and second 37-43

The second quarter opens in a very similar way to the first as Napoli wasted a lot under the basket and unable to make it off the line, you have to wait McDuffie At 7 min vs 2/2 after Rich in the first quarter with Gudaitis, rich And Uglietti is always at 50%. The Lithuanian midfield appears to be a different player compared to the recent editions, but it’s hard to understand the errors from the streak and the lack of personality for a player who was playing until yesterday in the Euroleague. in 5; 44, coach Buscaglia He is forced to call the angry timeout due to various errors in the team’s possession phase which opens up to two consecutive counterattacks by Sasari who thus continues 23-32.

Jeffy in Part Two of Part IV sees the game slip away with Rich, the only blues player who manages to be dangerous on the offensive stage. For Sasari, on the other hand, the number 4 superhero Robinson continues, to which Logan is added almost three times eliminating the blues. After the timeout expires, the Buscaglia team selected by the blocks exits and shortens the distances until 37-46 With a 4-point game, McDuffie won. The final minute is the return of the Palabarbuto in full to defeat and roar like little in Italy. The first ends with Sasari Sol +6 With Napoli managing to limit the damage after losing his racing compass completely in the middle of the break.

Third fourth 58-59

In the second half, what happened to this match and to Napoli Basket in the last match seems almost a mirage, 2/2 from Rich from Harr, who opened the scoring for Napoli. Immediately after that, McDuffie sets up a triple that brings the team back to -3. The team situation looks different but in attack there are few clean chances created.

The team managed to get into the game at 5:26 with several solo plays and park breakouts who, however, didn’t seem to be on his best evening, and the usual Jason Rich who if on defense never manages to give what one should expect From a player like him, in the offensive phase he remains the beacon of the Buscaglia team. Napoli leads for the first time in the match at 51-49 thanks to the basket counterattack by Uglietti. In the end the fourth ends on the plus one of Sasari.

Fourth fourth 72-78

The last part begins with Napoli being more attentive in defense who manages to contain Sassari’s attacks, but there are some episodes of dispute by the Neapolitans in managing fouls by the referee with the guests who are at the edge unlike the Buscaglia boys who have built part of their loot.

The team appears to be losing certainty and Buscaglia is forced to call the time-out at 62-67. In the final, Gife seems to have lost all hope of being able to win and wanting to win the match without being able to build a single move worthy of the name as Sardinia went 72-64 with 2:38 from the end.

Mcduffie is the only one who seems to believe in a potential comeback and lead the team until 71-74 with another singles play in their match. Napoli will also have a chance to play for a possible draw and take advantage of extra time. With 11 seconds left, Sasari is above 72-76. However, in the last action, Mcduffie shot the iron and so Gevi’s potential disappeared. The match ended 72-78 in favor of Sassari. Now it is difficult to redeem with the team that comes out between the whistles of Palabarbuto who supported the team until the last second of the match.

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