New hero Gabriel misspelled the word for guillotine. What a joke!

On Saturday, April 23, 2022, the legacy Suggest a new development with the announcement of A New hero: Gabriel.

Let’s find out more about the game show he’s hosting Flavio Insinna on Rai1 And the new young hero.

Legacy: Formatting Successful Rai

the legacy It is a program that is broadcast in the early evening on Ray Ono Currently driving Flavio Encina.

Provides coordination for seven competitors to compete in Various tests until announcing a sample From the bet that will have the right to get to the final game: guillotine.

In the first four versions of the legacy, led to from Amadeus, The program included attendance heiress Or rather valleys that interpreted some of the pieces of music.

From 2006 onwards, with management Carlo ConteThe heirs come calls Masters Collaborate with the presenter, providing explanations for the answers to the various games.

From December 12, 2021 Andrea Cirelli replacing Professor Jennifera Pisani, becomes first Heritage Professor. The Mr Next to Mrs. Samira Lowe who, in his time, took his place Sarah Arfaoui.

Game view hosted by Flavio Encina It broadcasts before the news and consists of several games.

The first is that conjugation, During which the contestants have 30 seconds to make correct associations, according to the clues provided by the train conductor.

Follow Change, addition and leverage Which consists in adding, removing or replacing a letter to get the correct word.

The third game is a game The Fantastic Fourwhere four dates associated with four events are proposed.

in a game great words Two unfamiliar words are proposed to the remaining competitors. The two contenders who provide the exact definition are eligible for Trello, While others will have to challenge each other in double climbing.

The Trello It offers a series of questions on 7 topics, with a value ranging from €10,000 to €30,000.

Participants in Trello They have to face the penultimate game called the two steps, Where it is necessary to answer two questions of general knowledge.

Whoever answers the last question correctly qualifies for the last match, that guillotine, that It consists of guessing a word connecting the other five given by the authors. You can get guillotine The maximum prize pool is €250,000.

Gabriel makes a mistake with the guillotine: contortion

Jibril He is a young man of Rome those studies active engineeringHe plays guitar and has a very creative style. This leads him to build everything he needs and fix what’s broken.

The boy, aged 21, managed to defeat Giuseppe and Claudia in Triellothe exact answer to the question that poses the meaning of “three strands make a string”, which is a regular expression for Veneto.

Gabriele gave the correct answer, “Unity is strength”, and thus became a new champion the legacy, With a total prize pool of 160,000 euros.

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After several cuts in half, the young man played for 40 thousand euros, trying to find the word that connects the five clues given by the authors of the program.

Here are the keywords:Wonders, crossing, epic, mountain and underground.” Gabriel wrote the word St, But exactly it was Railroad.

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Not bad for a young engineer Rome Which, in the new episode of the legacy, Broadcast tonight at 6:45pm Ray 1 You can try again.

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