The death of the beloved Italian singer

One of the most wonderful and beloved Italian singers is gone, leaving a great pain. It was a very sad day for music.

Unfortunately, one of Italy’s hottest and deepest sounds passed away just a year ago. A wonderful translator that made millions of people dream.

The artist was very well liked (Pixabay)

She was born on July 17, 1939 in a village of about three thousand people in Emilia-Romagna, thanks to which she achieved a certain fame, I have been passionate about singing since I was a child She performed in some local competitions, where she became famous for her extraordinary talent. Later she established herself as one of the leading interpreters in the history of Italian music, which is why no one has ever forgotten her.

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Even today the artist holds unique record No one has succeeded in overcoming him, nor will he be able to do so in the future. At first he called himself “Sabrina”, But it entered the legend in the name of another stage. There is also a lot in his approach theatre, film and television, But his real life partner remains music. I fascinated by his songs million peopleOnly recent health issues stopped her, forcing her to lose weight dramatically public exits. During his long and exciting period of study, he has also collaborated with all the prestigious names of Panorama. Among these, for example, it is enough to mention the singer-songwriter from Catania Franco BatiatoWho contributed more than anyone else to her rise by writing several songs and an entire album for her.

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This record, released in 1982, was titled “Milva E Dintorni,” and is just one of the many jewelry he donated. “Tiger Guru” to our culture. Obviously, as you may have guessed, we’re talking about the unforgettable Mileva, who just left us On April 23 last year. Maria Elva Bulcati, that’s her real name, still holds an outstanding record.

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Milva (Instagram)

In fact, the artist made us dream about his interpretations of “Alexanderplatz”, “Along the Road” and “Dreaming of Freedom” And many more. Altogether we are talking about something like 173 between studio and group recordings: no one in Italian music has produced as many albums as “the Red”. On the first anniversary of her death, only one of our thoughts could fly to her, and today we all miss such a skilled translator.

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