Vampire The Masquerade, Paradox allows anyone to create a game of the saga for free –

paradox about launch unbounda program that allows any studio or independent developer Create a game based on the world of Vampire: The Masquerade Without having to pay licensing fees and even sell it on the platform.

The initiative was launched following the success of the Vampire Jam, a game jam involving 80 projects, six of which were released concurrently with the launch of Unbound. Specifically, we are talking about Descent (survival horror), The Chantry Trials (puzzle), The Game of Elders (strategy card game), The Autunm People (FPS), Praxis (4X strategy) and Prodigal (point and click). adventure) is already available. On the page of the World of Darkness at this address.

“After last year’s Vampire Jam, we realized how passionate our community is about creating Vampire: The Masquerade games,” said Martyna Zych, World of Darkness Community Manager.

“While we could only give Heartless Lullaby one award, we knew we needed to create a platform that would allow our community to work on the projects they love, and give them the support they need to succeed. As long as World of Darkness fans continue to do so. Make great games, it will be There are more titles to come via Unbound.”

Obviously, there are rules to follow to participate in Paradox’s Unbound. First, the games that participate in the project can only be sold on the platform Itch Developers cannot raise funds through crowdfunding or personal pages, but Patreon, YouTube, and Twitch are accepted.

The games must also be set in Vampire 5th Edition: The Masquerade, ma They will not be considered legal In the narrative world of the World of Darkness the title may not include “Vampire: The Masquerade” or “World of Darkness”. They also cannot have elements in contrast to the real world, so there are no elements of sci-fi, high fantasy, etc.

The irony will also get the extension 33% of revenue From any game released with Unbound. We’re talking a fairly high percentage, even more than what Steam takes to publish to give an example, but it must be said that joining the program and exploiting the rights is free, so it’s a reasonable compromise, especially since Unbound is open to everyone, with Paradox declaring, “You don’t have to be An expert developer or studio to participate, we allow everyone to be a part of it, from the creators of their first game to the most experienced teams.” For more details, we recommend visiting the official page of Unbound.

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