As of today, every withdrawal is monitored by the Revenue Agency

The Revenue Agency wants to fight an unprecedented fight against tax evasion and money laundering.

To do this, the only way is Check current accounts in detail. With this in mind, I asked the revenue agency Antitrust Authority Unprecedented and unprecedented power.

In fact, now thanks to the Revenue Agency for the so-called Super registration for checking accounts He will be able to analyze the current accounts of Italians in a very detailed way.

Monitor every withdrawal

But this is not enough. Let’s try to understand the changes in the current account and ATM operations. The Revenue Agency will be able to examine any transaction that the taxpayer makes with his checking account in a fully analytical and detailed manner.

ATM withdrawals are of particular interest. In fact, anomalous ATM withdrawals with respect to the contributing state of the subject are a The alarm is ready to go off And start serious checks. Very few ATM withdrawals or, conversely, very generous withdrawals in relation to the economic situation of the account holder will be elements of assessment in relation to the tax office.

Watch out for these choices

With the so-called super-recording of current accounts Any ATM withdrawals as well as any credit card payments They can be examined by tax authorities and evaluated globally. According to many experts, it would be easy to pass on tax evaders even if you are not. or to be more precise, It will be very easy to start checks even if you simply have abnormal spending habits Perhaps compared to others. Surely these tools are of great help in the fight againstThe massive Italian tax evasion. In fact, tax evasion in Italy also rises to very high levels thanks to the complicity of many people who allow questionable practices. Anyway to the citizens Honest people who use an ATM just for daily expenses It becomes especially important to avoid abnormal movements that might make one suspect something else.

New controls

Specifically to allow these heavy checks to be carried out, the tax office has equipped itself artificial intelligence Capable of examining large data flows in a highly analytical manner and traversing very different databases. But there is no shortage of controversy. Although these tools They are very repetitive, there is absolutely no shortage of legal loopholes to hide large assets from the tax authorities and these controls are not affected by this type of controls. In short, the danger is letting the big fish get away.

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