Felipe and Natalia, the evening at the restaurant creates gossip!

A certain gossip develops about the romantic evening that Felipe and Natalia spent in the restaurant.

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Soledad begs Marcos to leave Acacias, but he has no intention of doing so, even if it means losing her.

Sabina suspects Daniela, believes that she is cooperating with the police, and tries to warn Roberto.

Marcos realizes that Annabelle has mocked him and wants Miguel to run to find her, but – after the young man refuses – he makes a mysterious phone call.

After noticing that Ignacio intends to isolate himself with a stranger, Alodia decides to stay at Dominguez’s house until late and surprises the boy as he tries to sneak in; To repel suspicion, he tells her that he loves her and accepts her.

Aurelio takes the lead with Genoveva.

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