“household partner” instead of “housewife”. Google chooses the words “inclusive” for you

How far is it politically correct? From my point of view even the creation of a “new religion of homogeneity”. With the new functionality of Google Doc, there is a risk of creating a written communication consisting of “copy” contents, where free thinking is at the expense.

Politically correct algorithm

As mentioned “printing”, if you type a word that Google’s AI considers inappropriate, a window opens that says: “A comprehensive warning. Some of these words may not be comprehensive for some readers. Consider using different words.” To give an example of corrections, some suggestions can be cited: “owner” instead of “owner,” police officers, instead of “policemen,” “partner in the house,” instead of “housewife.” We reach Also to the undesirable technical term “motherboard.” Everything seems “disturbing and incomprehensible” to the new algorithm. But thinking about these examples above, with reasoning, we can accept that we can’t use the term “owner,” just because according to politically correct technology Could the term ‘master’ be a reference to the persecution of one subject over another? Or maybe you forgo writing “motherboard” because it might not include the father figure?

useless technology

It would be funny if it didn’t make you cry. In fact, when Google’s algorithm was tested to parse racist text for the Ku Klux Klan, it found nothing to report. This is enough to prove The futility of this technology which can only cause inconvenience to those who write the text, so immersed in the flow of narration, that any interruption or invasion might take the author out of the subject. Even if following a particular proposition is not obligatory, it remains the conquest of that private sphere, which must necessarily remain inviolable in order to be able to express free thought without external conditioning. At first glance it may seem innocuous, but in reality, what is at stake is freedom of expression.

Is it the new language dictatorship?

Wanting to think absurdly, assuming a mandatory one-day extension in all areas of the life of this device, everything needs to be questioned and re-evaluated. In the movies, the use of profanity, weapons, and exposure to violence are on the agenda, not to mention the contents in the trap musical genre, often rich in vulgarity. According to the politically correct algorithm principle of absolute inclusion, Many singers’ lyrics should be reviewed And as far as the world of cinema is concerned, even if used in a cinematic context, weapons should not be used because they cause division.

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