“I am about to die, but I am not upset. Now I recognize myself only in my face”

in 84 years Jane Fonda She is still a appreciated actress and has not lost the charm that accompanied her all her life. She continues to recite and looks to the future without fear: “I am aware that I am about to die. And that doesn’t bother me much,” he says in an interview with CBS. These days she’s promoting her series Grace and Frankie, which is on the air Netflix.

In addition to talking about the show, he recounts how he lives his life after the many interventions he has faced: «What bothers me – he says – is that my body, after all, is not my body! My knees are not mine, my hips are not mine, and my shoulders are not mine. You are looking at someone, only from here to the top (pointing to the face, editor) ».

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“I can’t skate anymore, but who cares”

“The truth is, if I’m alive and I’m relatively healthy for being an elderly person – continues the actress – I mean, I’m about 85 years old… In short, the truth is that if I’m still alive and at work, wow… then who’s Does it matter if I don’t have my old knuckles? And can’t ski, bike or run?». “You can be really big at 60, and you can be really small at 85!” adds Fonda. In the series, you play the role of Grace, She is a woman who befriends Frankie (Lily Tomblin), after the two discover that their husbands are in love.

“When I’m not with Lily for a few days – as Jane Fonda says – I miss her. He’s visceral. She has a sense of humor that comes from deep inside. He’s spiritual, not sarcastic, and never at anyone’s expense. She’s the first to give credit to her lifelong partner, Jane Wagner, for quality and depth of humor, but it is she who captures it and brings it to life with its various characters.”

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