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Massimo Gilletti He appeared with his wrist bandage on Sunday, April 24th, episode of It’s not the ring. It is not known why journalist La7 resorted to a bandage, but the details did not escape viewers and commentators on social media. This is clearly a minor detail, from the “color”, because the attention was focused on face to face Alessandro Orsini.

Geliti introduced the professor as follows: “For his ideas and positions he is a heretic. He is a scientist who has written very important books and says divisive and uncomfortable things about the war in Ukraine. I am totally against on some things, but precisely because we are in a period of war, freedom cannot be put The expression is in the attic and we have to accept dialectical confrontation. Someone told me I shouldn’t have invited it’s a story I actually lived through with covid, but democracy differs precisely because no one should be afraid to confront each other, even if one should that “.

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“I do not consider myself a heretic – was Orsini’s response – I feel like a fighter in the world of culture and feel that I have defeated all my enemies. They tried to slander me, prevent me from going to opinion, they tried to falsify my words: I defeated all these people, my opponents are unjust and cowards.”

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