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Italy – Estonia live broadcast starts at 18.00

11:34 Thank you Lily us! The appointment is now set at 18:00. Italy will face Estonia for the fifth time in a row.

11:32 Match was no doubt in the Blues game, with full points and first in the standings after four games.

11:28 And two more! FREE FIELD CONSTANTINI Find 2 more points and advance to the final 8-3. Danes give up the last end!

11:27 Denmark removes the blue stone placed on the left side of the circle.

11:26 We’re in the main stage: the middle is free for the final shots. Let’s see what happens.

11:23 Mutual exchange of services at premieres.

11:21 The blues at the penultimate end will have the hammer.

11:19 The Danish answer is not exceptional, as it has already done in the previous rounds, it only finds one point. After six finishes, Italy has the advantage with a score of 6-3.

11:18 A good hit and performance by Constantini in the last available blue shot.

11:16 The challenge moves to the middle with two stones in good standing for Italy. In the meantime, a yellow card arrived for Denmark.

11:11 is played on the left side of the circle in the first columns of the sixth party.

11:08 Danish assets are monotonous, and from now on Italy may have a chance to expand further. At the end of the sixth will be the opponent’s hammer.

11:07 You really don’t get paid! Denmark has missed the last available shot, leaving a wide scene of Stefania Constantini signing two more seals! At the end of the fifth, the Azzurri advance 6-2.

11:04 In the middle of the fifth end, we always play in the confines of the bottom, with mutual interests exchanged. But as it happened before, it does not seem to pay for this kind of intrigue for Denmark.

11:00 Also at the end of the fifth Denmark is planning a defensive strategy.

10:57 Let’s start over! Italy in the fifth finish will have the last chance.

10:55 a.m. Relaxed, relaxed atmosphere in the little lounge.

10:53 Azzurri was very good at limiting damage again, only one point for Denmark. After four ends it was 4-2 Italy.

10:49 The Blues put a guard on the right side, a favorite with opponents to concede just one point.

10:46 A mistake by the Danes who missed the shot and put a blue stone on the point. Then they recover with a good shot. Now the last two hits with one point for Denmark.

10:45 The lower part is surrounded by Italian and Danish stones in the middle of the fourth end. Let’s see what kind of strategy Denmark is planning.

10:43 Right now, the blues are very subtle and sarcastic, able to take advantage of every opponent’s observation

10:40 This is Stefania! A very soft Danish strategy that highlights the other side of the ice, Constantini makes no mistake and scores two points. 4-1 Italy after three endings!

10:37 A good Danish defensive plot in the later stages of the third end, but excellent chances of hitting the other side. Come to Stefania.

10:33 Nice shot from Arman who passes to the other side by removing the opponent’s stone from the point.

10:32 A Danish stone at a partially obstructed point and a view of the blues in the middle of the third end.

10:30 The two teams study at the start of the third end that promises to be accurate.

10:26 Constantine limits the damage by conceding just one point, and Denmark shortens the distance. 2-1 Italy after the second end. Now hand it over to our children.

10:23 Excellent response from Denmark, however, which addresses and puts one up front. We need a nice shot from Costantini now to block.

10:20 At the moment, the plot of Italy is very favorable. Three blue stones for pointing, Arman sets a guard four shots from the end.

10:17 The blues are good and surgical in the first two tones from the second ending.

10:14 In fact it works! BLUES REPORT TWO POINTS! 2-0 Italy after the first end

10:10 The Danes tried again, but Arman chose to clean the opposite stone behind the T line, but also moved the blue stone a bit. The strategy appears to be working.

10:09 Nice movement of the stones at the bottom. The Danes try to close the spaces, but Arman reopens everything by removing the stone that was obstructing the view.

10:05 Classic study phase after first shots.

10:00 Everything is ready, everything is ready! The hammer will be for Italy at the end of the opening. GO BLUE!

9:55 Another five minutes! The Danish team consists of Lander and Holtermann

9:50 Ten minutes and off!

9:45 Stefania Constantini found in these first few bars the right trust with Arman, Moussaner’s replacement. The challenge is to find the right convergence given the salient points.

9:40 Italy after triple With Japan, New Zealand and South Korea, he’s sailing full points on his spin range and now looking for a poker game against Denmark.

9:35 a.m. Good morning, 25 minutes left until the game.

Welcome to Direct text from Italy and Denmarkvalid meeting for Round robin of the 2022 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship, scheduled for this week in Geneva. Stefania Constantini and Sebastiano ArmanAfter the departure of a marked bomb triple Against Japan, New Zealand and South Korea, they will try to bring poker against the Nordic countries in a challenge that is not easy.

It would actually be a test of “maturity”. After two days of matches, Olympic champion and “new” companion in adventures (called to replace Moussaner who stayed home due to injury) They will have to adjust moreSo do not be unprepared at crucial moments. The opponents are affordable but competitive, Veterans with 2 victories (Finland and South Korea) and 1 defeat (Norway).

date in 10 o’clock With the fourth match of the round-robin of Italy and Denmark, valid for the 2022 World Cup Curling Mixed Doubles. OA Sport will present you Live text streams starting at 9:30 with constant updates ending end after end, stone by block, so you don’t really miss out on anything. Enjoy and good curling to all!

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