Prices for models that can be purchased at “Discount”.

Electric scooter, six models with incentives: price and range. Also thanks to the generous government incentive, here are the models you can buy

The return of auto incentives (thermal and electric) is ready to give them new life Market the cars. The same should also happen for two-wheeled bikes, as bonuses are also provided for electric scooters. The quota of €20 million expected for the first three months of 2022 has already been completed Incentive Not insignificant, as 30% of the cost of the car net of VAT in the case of a net purchase, which reached 40% with the cancellation of an old classic car.

Electric Scooter Incentives Prices of the models you can buy (Ansa)

One Discount Interesting for sure, and it is about to return: this time the quota prepared by the government is 15 million euros, which will be spent on the same The solution. That is why attractive discounts are ready to return and it is definitely an opportunity not to be missed for those interested in it scooter With zero emissions.

But what models can be bought? There are many interesting things as reported in an in-depth analysis by Gazzetta dello Sport: Piaggio 1 Active, Askoll eS3 Evolution, Yadea C1S Pro, Seat Mo Escooter, Bmw CE-04 and Vespa Elettrica.

Little scooter Ecological by Piaggio is available in two versions, the scooter and the scooter. Apparently, the most popular version is the latter. Interesting offers, especially with drums Removable as for e-bikes. Menu prices start at 3,490 euros and obviously have to be discounted according to the type of incentive, which we remember can be 30% or 40%. even suggested school It is interesting: it is a high wheel, with original shapes. It is an Italian two-wheeled vehicle, and the Vicenza-based company distinguishes itself for this type of vehicle.

Electric Scooter Incentives, Prices of Models You Can Buy

Seat Mo 125
Mo escooter seat (press)

It has a maximum speed of 66 km / h and has a double battery: even in this case it can be recharged from home. The list price is 3990 euros, and with the incentive you can save 800 euros. Also like Yadea scooter, One of the world leaders after Honda. The Chinese company has arrived in Italy with a limited but very interesting scope. C1S Pro is the most interesting. The style is “oriental” and may not please everyone, but the quality is indisputable. Top speed of 80 km/h and autonomy of 154 km says it all. It costs 4,690 euros.

There is also a suggestion seat, with two wheels on top and very interesting. 137 km of autonomy and great stability. The top speed is a whopping 95km/h, like the top speed scooter Thermal average displacement.

It costs 6750 euros. Suggestion BMW It’s not for all budgets: yet the CE-04 is an all-round “scooter”. It costs 12,530 euros but we are talking about a product that is definitely different from the others. A real motorcycle. Fantastic classic vespaScooter, according to the Italian definition Biagio. It actually went electric in 2019 (the moped version) while we saw it in its original incarnation in 2020, a registered scooter. Performance is equal to 125 with the internal combustion engine. Great Energy And great comfort, it also has room for a small helmet. The price is 6,990 euros.

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