Situation: How to improve it with these tips and tricks to do every day

Follow these nine simple tricks to improve your posture, protect the health of your spine, and avoid back pain.

a Incorrect posture or not keep Backbones Good compatibility can lead to the development of serious conditions, such as muscle and joint pain, headache, and circulatory problems. So how do we maintain proper posture when we are sitting at a desk, driving or texting with our smartphone? Let’s see some simple tips. (Read also: Postural gymnastics: all the benefits and exercises to do at home)

How to maintain correct posture

back position

Don’t sit sprawling

Doing so will only increase the pressure on your spine and, in the long run, will worsen your spine health boneAnd muscles And joints You need to keep the spine in place. However, incorrect posture not only damages your back, but can also damage internal organs and make it more difficult for the lungs and intestines to work. Over time, this will make it more difficult to digest food or get enough oxygen when you breathe.

keep your back straight

It will seem trivial, but Stand up straight and upright Posture helps. Imagine that you are standing against a wall, as if you were about to measure your height. Keep your head straight and your chin curved. Your ears should be in the middle of your shoulders. Keep your shoulders back, knees straight and your stomach flat. Don’t let your butt or hips stick out. Stand straight as if you were reaching for the sky.

Don’t lean forward when working at your desk

Staying with your back slightly bent forward may seem comfortable, but it’s not quite the correct position. Try doing that instead: Sit fully in the chair. Place a small rolled-up towel or lumbar pillow behind your middle back to protect the natural curvature of the spine. Bend your knees at a right angle and keep them at or slightly higher than your hips. Put your feet on the ground.

Pay attention to your neck when using the phone

If you spend long hours looking at your smartphone, it is always better to take a few minutes for yourself Period and make it Do some stretching. Every time you bend your head to check for messages, your spine becomes very tired. It would be better if you pick up the phone and move your eyes, not your head.

Keep your back straight while driving

A slightly tilted back while driving can be comfortable, but it’s not healthy for your posture. Move the seat near the steering wheel And try to bend your knees without locking your legs. It should be at hip level or slightly higher. Don’t forget to put a pillow or rolled up towel behind you for support.

Do without heels

Great for being trendy, bad for status. High heels and stiletto heels push the base of the spine forward, arching the back. This can change the way your spine is aligned and put pressure on nerves. Cause back pain. Excessively high shoes put more weight on your knees. Lower heels may be better for everyday use.

Sleeping in the correct position

It would be best to get rid of soft mattresses and choose firmer ones that help maintain the natural shape of the spine. Do you sleep sideways? Bend your knees slightly but do not hug them. Place a pillow under your head so that it is at the same level with your spine. Do you sleep on your belly? It’s best to ditch the regular pillow and get a smaller pillow to put under your neck.

Exercise and tone your abdominal muscles

Having extra pounds in your tummy can exacerbate the pressure on your spine. You need strong, healthy muscles to support it. Well-thought-out training plan It will keep your body and spine in perfect shape.

make visits

If your back hurts more than usual, and you find that you can’t stay in the correct position for long, it’s better for you Consult your doctor To understand the problems that plague you and how to finally overcome them.

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