Spalletti disaster, Merritt is not a great team and ADL makes the usual mistakes

“The question is simple: if you don’t win when Juventus doesn’t come to fight for the title and Milan loses a lot of points, when will you win the Scudetto?”

Michael Chrysiloin his introductory article to Tuttomercatowebspoke of Ko Empoli, who put an end to Napoli’s dream of the Scudetto: “The way he threw it away, the Neapolitans should eat their hands for the next 10 years. Inter might have won it anyway but Napoli had to lose it at least because of the superiority of the others and not for declaring to everyone that when the goal approaches, Napoli disappears from the field. It’s a matter of DNA. Spalletti never won in Italy and yet he had chances. If you always come second, third, or fourth, there will be a reason. Spalletti did well, sometimes very well, but in the tournament it is not enough to do 2-3-4-5-6 months. Only the final result for May matters.

A waste of Naples. The question is simple: if you don’t win when Juventus don’t come to the title fight and Milan lose a lot of points, when will you win the Scudetto? It will never happen again. Milan will become more and more a billionaire, sooner or later Juventus will return and Inter will be an organized team. In all this, the Americans in Rome will soon understand the game and they will grow up too. Italian property is destined to expire. The Italian businessmen, on their own, can be in our Serie A and have to be there, but they will be weaker and weaker fighting at the top against the Americans, the money and the Chinese. De Laurentiis has many flaws. Chiefs’ errors are always greater than or equal to those of coaches and players. Gattuso’s management was very poor, and here with Spalletti he risks ending up worse.

Merit is a problem for Naples. We overestimated him in his Udinese days, and then Udinese kicked him out without ever seeing him with a Udinese shirt. There must be a reason. Merritt is not a great team player. Gattuso, last year, went to clash with De Laurentiis. The president wanted him to play for Ospina to promote and sell him. Gattuso reminded him that between Ospina and Meret there were six different worlds. Merit is a good goalkeeper for teams like Bologna, Torino, Genoa and Sampdoria. Spalletti’s mistake was also forcing him to play with his feet from below, as if Ospina was in goal. If you have Meret, who doesn’t appreciate his feet, you can’t play thinking you have Ospina in goal. Elementary and simple. The Napolitans deserved another final, and at the end of the matches you will see that there was not much difference between Spalletti and Gattuso, if not on the last day where the Campania players finished fourth.“.

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