The extra helping of dark chocolate

One of the deadliest types of cancer, pancreatic cancer, can be prevented from going through chocolate, as long as it is dark in color. It all appears to be due to magnesium, which is rare in most foods eaten in the daily diet but found in large amounts in “dark” chocolate.

Confirm benefits magnesium, Confirmation that he has diabetes, which is itself a disease with a significant risk factor for pancreatic cancer, comes from a study conducted by scientists fromIndiana University It was published in the British Journal of Cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is very unique and different from other types of cancer. The 5-year survival rate is low, which makes prevention and identification of risk factors associated with this disease extremely important.

The researcher explains Ka is. Just a thought, as it emerged from the study, both of them 100 mg deficiency The daily intake of magnesium is associated with an increase 24% of tumor appearance.

Hence the recommendation of the specialists Consume the recommended amounts daily of magnesium by eating chocolate dark, vegetables green leafy e dried fruit

Good news for fans chocolate: Whether with milk or dark, if taken regularly at least once a week, it will be able to enhance Cognitive functions.

but that is not all …

Chocolate: because it is good for you

Pancreatic Cancer: Extra Dark Chocolate Help |  realism

The studies conducted so far have only looked at short term effects, that is, those reported immediately after consumption. On the other hand, a new Australian research using dietary questionnaires submitted to a group of 968 consumers of black joyNote the consequences over a period of time 30 yearsBy comparing the data with the results of a series of cognitive tests given to participants to measure their results Performance in different areas (work, visual, verbal memory, etc.).

The fact that the effects were the same for any type of chocolate suggested to the researchers that the credit might be due Not only flavonoids, Contained in dark quality at higher concentrations.

Recently, many have “raised” indignation against chocolate scientific studies For its beneficial effects on health, for example that heart and blood vessels.

Experts said.

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