“They really broke …” What’s the weather, Luciana Letizetto lost her nerve: harsh words live

As always, the comedian in Turin spoke on various topics. But above all in one case, he did not utter words.

Luciana Letizetto driving (Instagram)

After his interview Fabio Fazio Famous singer and songwriter Claudio BaglioniShe arrived at her studio Luciana Letizetto And in a rather strange way.

In fact, this time not only did you enter on foot, on the contrary, you appeared inside car Fairly small in size and green in colour. So, let’s say a little to mention one way or the other Along the wayBravo, the famous Romanian singer.

finally too Baglioni He came on board and exited the scene that way. His speech, however, started talking about cuckooReferring to Celebrity Island and to her boyfriend Laurie Del Santobecause its title mentions this type of bird.

Later on, he wanted to remember what he was called Biden’s slip. She was indicating, to be precise, how long, after the conference, she was extending her hand to someone who was not actually present at that moment.

Needless to say that a file Littizzetto He went hard, even calling it “stuffed”term that Fazio Replace it immediately with “elegant”. After other statements of this kind, he wanted to focus on a news story that had taken place in recent days.

Luciana’s indignation

To be precise, this is the news that is seen as more heroes than About twenty disabled children who should have taken seats on a regional train starting from Genoahe had to head to Milan.

Luciana Letizetto
Luciana reading the message (Instagram)

But the gods vandals They disabled the carriages, so the seats reserved by the aforementioned persons were taken by other passengers, and the other available seats were not found. So, for young people, Trenitalia He saved a bus. I travel there Littizzetto It is known to be excessively long.

In this regard, therefore, Luciana The vandals definitely said break boxesHowever, using slightly more vulgar language. In addition, it is ready e-mail Addressed to state railwaysMake specific requests.

For example, the Piedmontese comedian suggested putting in a few extra gigs during the Easter holiday and also on the upcoming holiday, like, say, April 25The The first of May and the summer holidays.

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He also asked if it is not possible to operate some of them double decker train, the ones that arose. He concluded his speech by saying that the most vulnerable groups are the losers.

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