Downton Abbey 2, The Magic of Elizabeth McGovern: White Hair and Split

Downton Abbey 2: A New Era Coming to theaters on April 28th and Cora Crawley, played brilliantly Elizabeth McGovernShe celebrates barefoot, with a gorgeous slit evening gown and all the charm of white hair gathered in a super chic knot. To the fans’ delight.

Downton Abbey 2: Elizabeth McGovern, The Magic of White Hair

Elizabeth McGovern, 60lends her face to Cora Crawley in Downton Abbey Since the first season of the series that aired from 2010 to 2016 and for 6 years. Next to her is Hugh Bonneville, who plays Robert, the ancestor of the family. Coinciding with the release of the second film, and based on the highly successful novel, the actress presented herself on the red carpet with an all-new look that is a hymn to female beauty at all ages.

Elizabeth McGovern

Downton Abbey 2: Elizabeth McGovern, an astonishing 60-year gap

McGovern ditches the dye, and gives her gray combed hair a sophisticated, side-swept look that enhances her seductive blue eyes. While the intense lipstick illuminates the face. first Downton Abbey 2: New Era at Cineworld in London’s Leicester Square, she wore a black velvet dress and bodice emblazoned with silver gems, signed by Azzi & Osta.

The dress leaves the shoulders exposed by wrapping the back like a shawl that ends with a big bow on the back, perfect style Downton Abbey. The skirt is wide and long, reaching down to the feet, concealing a stunning slit that reveals slim, perfect thigh-high legs. Elizabeth McGovern combines an elegant dress tailored for her, with a pair of black bejeweled sandals, with high heels but has a short life. In fact, at the party after the show, the actress took them off while remaining barefoot revealing Almost perfect pedicure.

MacGovern was accompanied by her husband, as well as Downton Abbey’s manager, Simon Curtis, who seems simply fascinated by the beauty of his disarming wife, far from Downton Abbey, having a bolder appearance than Cora.

Elizabeth McGovern

Elizabeth McGovern

Downton Abbey 2: a new era, a story

The film, released by Universal, sees the Crowley family move to the French Riviera where Lady Violet (Maggie Smith) inherits a mansion. But Downton Abbey, the beautiful Yorkshire estate, is still at the center of the plot. It’s 1928 and there the wedding of Tom Branson (Allen Leach) and Miss Lucy Smith (Tobins Middleton), Maud’s daughter, Lady Bagshaw (Imelda Staunton), begins a new interweaving of relationships, feelings, intrigues, and balances.

Julian Fellowes, creator Downton Abbey And now also from the series, gilded ageOn his way into season two, he said, “I want people to watch Downton And enjoy it. I also hope that from time to time we get them to think about the contrast of backgrounds in an egalitarian society, or about the difficulty of being gay in a historical period when it was still illegal. We touch on these kinds of topics but they are not the main purpose of the film. The aim of the film is to give the audience a nice evening.”

Downton Abbey 2

Downton Abbey 2

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