Fiat, bad news for the fans: the iconic model will no longer be available

Knowing that one of the most popular models of the Fiat brand has this problem is not a good thing at all. Fiat has given this official statement but we still don’t know how long this situation will last!

If we were to make an ideal list of car models that Italians love, they will certainly be among the top positions, especially if the “people’s jury” is assigned a good poll to judge. Obviously we’re talking about Fiat Pandaa timeless utility vehicle for the home of the Touraine that has become a true topic of popular culture over the years and years of production.

Fiat Panda (web source)

It has been produced since 1980 in three different series with the third currently still in production and without specific plans to replace it, the Fiat Panda. They are the most famous Italian cars on the web. Her proverbial ruggedness has sparked the imaginations of owners and casual fans who have created meme after meme with Turin’s car as the protagonist.

Among the most interesting versions of the Panda that Fiat itself is currently buying, we find the 4×4, which is especially pleasant in the Cross version. Now, the panda is “off-road” It’s not new The car has been around since the first series of the sub-decade. However, The Cross has some features that make it highly desirable for the average buyer of the brand.

disturbing episode

The panda cross has an aesthetic Definitely aggressive Which gives the 4×4 that extra versatility and dynamism necessary to stand out in a market – the crossover market – that gets busier every year. Indeed, if the model has not retired after more than six years, it is clear that customer demand remains constant and significant.

Fiat Panda 25_04_2022 Quattromania
Fiat Panda Cross MY22 “accused” (

However, in the past few hours, Cross has encountered a problem: as the site reports Passioneautoitaliane.itFiat Panda Cross In My22 . configuration, is no longer available on the website of the Turin-based company, and can generally no longer be ordered and purchased. what is going on? Did Fiat suddenly decide to retire?

Obviously, the brand would have confirmed this news, fixing it anyway From temporary unavailability From the model but there are no other explanations and we don’t know when the model will return to the price list and can be ordered again without problems. We’ll just have to wait for the brand to provide some further explanation for this strange story that worries most panda fans.

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