Here are the signals that the body sends us and should not be underestimated

An essential element for our health, iron. When there is a deficiency, our body reacts to symptoms and signs that should not be underestimated

iron in the blood

Iron is really Necessary for our health. If we have a shortage there may be consequences dangerous to our bodies. Heart problems and anemia are few.

There are some signs that should not be overlooked Which shows that our body has a deficiency and we should not ignore them because they are important for our health.

How does iron deficiency manifest itself?

Iron deficiency
Iron deficiency

The amount of iron we need varies with age: 8.7 mg per day for men over 18 years old, 14.8 mg per day for women from 19 to 50 years old, 8.7 mg per day for women over 50.

Therefore, each has its own quantity that must be respected which is an important requirement for Give us health and energy and if values ​​are lowered it can be very dangerous.

Symptoms vary from person to person depending on physical fitness. But there are some Our body’s reactions That all classes have in common, such as: Frequent headaches, brittle nails and hair, pale skin tone, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, lack of energy, and consequently severe fatigue.

When there are important things Iron deficiency The doctor will prescribe an appropriate diet but above all Important Supplements That I need to restore the correct levels of hemoglobin And iron.

What we eat is very important for getting iron. Among the different foods we point out Spirulina, mankai (duckweed), beans, peaches, apricots, dried fruits, kale, hazelnuts, chickpeas, kidney beans, red and white beans. even assuming Vitamin C Important for iron absorption and therefore foods rich in it.

Gods often speak Important symptoms Which indicates that Low iron levels in the blood. here they are: Tingling in hands or feet dry mouth, sudden cramps, very brittle nails, tired legs, dry skin and hair, burning or swollen tongue, pale skin.

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