The President of Naples today in Castel Volturno

Update at 13:05 – journalist Walter de MaggioLive broadcast on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli during the program “radio target”provide more updates on Visit of President de Laurentiis to Volturno Castle. These are his words: De Laurentiis immediately had a Long conversation with Luciano Spalletti. Then the president came The whole training session And just a few minutes ago he left the SSC Napoli Konami training center. Tonight he will return to be present in Dinner With the whole team.”

We can no longer postpone: Napoli needs three points To gain self-confidence and above all achieve the primary goal of the season. A win against Sassuolo would make Spalletti a highlight Athlete in the Champions League He will give the correct charge to retain the third place.

At the end of the match with Empoli, the company announced the start of a match permanent withdrawal, then modify the decision to change the usual training routine. Therefore, during this week, the Azure will be conducting their morning training sessions, combining them with some Evening Dinner Meetings.

Photos: Imago, De Laurentiis, Spalletti and Dimaro

The Azores president is pressing for this qualification to reach the Champions League and is keen to stay close to the team. De Laurentiis, in fact, You will stay in Naples at least until SaturdayMatch day against Sassuolo.

more This morning he went to Castel VolturnoAfter spending the night at the same Spalletti hotel. So were footballers too The President of the Republic when they arrive at the sports center before the start of the training session. To report it is Corriere dello Sport.

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