We fight water retention, edema and swelling with our homemade herbal tea with few ingredients, surprising with every sip without a hitch.

Excess fluid is a problem that affects many people who are overweight and in many cases have cellulite. Drinking filtered herbal tea in the morning and evening helps to flush out toxins that are rich in toxins that undermine the health of our bodies.

The well-being of the organism continues to be obtained through the natural substances with which certain plants can nourish us. Replacing bad eating habits with a healthy diet supplemented with herbal tea can solve many problems.

Spring preparations

We fight water retention, edema and swelling with nutrients that help the body purify itself thanks to herbal tea. Here’s how this can be done. It is not necessary to have infinite knowledge of the most effective herbs, herbs that we have in the garden or that can be easily found are more than enough.

If we have some cardamom or fennel plants in the balcony or garden, we can soak them for 10 minutes after washing them well. We add other ingredients that we find at home such as ginger, cinnamon and black peppercorns.

Ginger is cleaned with a spoon by scratching the peel, which will come off without problems. Cinnamon sticks are purchased ready-made for soaking, from which to release the beneficial substances, it must be done separately from the other components. If we have it at home, we can add licorice root or mint.

With late spring, two dried herbal teas that can help us with this are parsley and lemon or herbal tea with nettle. The first can be prepared with a handful of parsley and a few slices of lemon, soaked for 10 minutes, and is excellent to eat away from meals.

For the second time, it is necessary to use 4 grams of dried nettle root to add an infusion of chopped birch leaves. Also in this case the infusion should not be less than 10 minutes.

We fight water retention, edema and swelling with our homemade herbal tea with few ingredients, surprising with every sip without a hitch.

The compilation of several herbs that have properties that combine well with each other allows us to obtain infusions that are able to surprise us in taste and efficacy. You can have several variations depending on your preference and give the lotion a tart or sweeter and more delicate flavor.

For example, if we want to have herbal tea to be taken a few hours after meals to facilitate drainage and digestion, we can resort to fennel, which has a delicate taste. Fennel leaves and calendar leaves are diuretics and are rich in flavonoids. Plus, they combine well, especially with the addition of horsetail and licorice. Horse tail is important for fluid drainage, and licorice has digestive and detoxifying properties.

All these roots, as well as for drainage, will be useful in keeping the respiratory tract clean and, unlike various drugs, have no contraindications.


In addition to purification, a decoction of nettle will work well for the brain and heart but it must be prepared with the addition of these unusual leaves.

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