Amici 21 Preview Episode 7 | Jesus and Shea

This afternoon a new episode of the evening Friends 21. To follow from the page Friends newsAll previews of the date, which will be broadcast on Saturday evening Channel 5:

Final ballot between Ambassador And Sunrise. a guest Expensive.

on the ballot with Sunrise And Ambassador There was also Luigibut it was saved first.

first heat Zerby Seeley against Coca Todo. Luigi against Ambassador Wins Luigi. Michelle against Sisi Wins Sisi. Luigi against Ambassador Wins Luigi. They go to filtration in AlexAnd Ambassador And Serenago to the polls Ambassador.

second heat Zerby Seeley against chest Peppa. first glove Michelle against Dario and win Michelle. second glove Sunrise against Luigi (It requires brutal fitness) Wins Sunrise. third glove Sunrise against Luigi (I’m a homeless) and win Luigi. Go to the ballot Sunrise.

third heat ZurbiSeely against Cocato do. first glove Serena against Michelle and win Serena. Alex against Luigi Wins Luigi, Michele against Sisi, The prince is hesitant and therefore compensates him and wins Sisi go to the polls Luigi.

Tim won an award Luigi.

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