put it in: "Without Crimea and Donbass, there is no peace" | Gazprom: Poland pays in rubles or not gas, "alerted" Also Bulgaria | Arms worth 5 billion dollars in Kyiv – TGCOM

  1. Putin: “Without Crimea and Donbass, there is no peace” | Gazprom: Poland will pay in rubles or not in gas, Bulgaria also “alerts” | In Kyiv, weapons worth 5 billion dollarsTGCOM
  2. Moscow blocks gas in Poland and Bulgaria: “If you still want it, pay in rubles”Republic
  3. Stopping gas to Poland and Bulgaria from Russia “starting at eight o’clock tomorrow”Corriere della Sera
  4. Russia cuts gas supplies, last step: sudden stop for PolandVirgilio News
  5. Stop gas for Poland, Russia’s revenge: “Pay us a ruble”reformer
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