Totti, Lazio fought in the Super Cup final with eight players and lost 4-2-

from Salvatore Reggio

The nervous former Giallorossi captain passes his hand to Thomas Ameko, author of the trilogy

There are sixmoments of tension at Football Super Cup Final with eight players
in the match between Totti Sports Club –
Founded by the former Giallorossi captain, and in it is an old acquaintance of Serie A, Muscardilli – and Lazio, won by the Biancalisti 4-2 In Campo Roma, the historic sports center of Romulia in the San Giovanni region.

The protagonist, passively, was Totti himself, which still hears – as in the days of Rome – the Capitoline derby. Shortly after Lazio’s fourth goal, Muscardilli hit a fun free kick on the front line. At that moment, it lit up Little fight because they were all on the ball. One of the most classic (innocent) football brawls, which suddenly deteriorated. Totti hit Tomas Amiko, Lazio striker, who scored a hat-trick with his hand.

To restore calm was the race director and Totti’s teammates (including Muscardilli himself). A moment of tension immediately returned, as the Romanian flag appeared smiling and available to attendees during the award ceremony. However, his behavior was not like that

typical. And he was also attacked by Daniele Cellelli, the coach of Lazio’s 8-man: 1 was not enough.00 10 year olds to make you stop doing these weird things. But there are two things that make you win something: either you wear the Lazio shirt or ask to enter an important rule for next season which is “Lazio can’t score in the tournament,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

And once again: We are glad to have this countless trophy in your face because we always enjoy the party organized for you. Captain Rosicamento remembered not only football in Rome called SS Lazio, but also football at 8. Anyway for the record inThe man you’re trying to punch is called Thomas Amiko This is in addition to being denied many times an education that you could not even imagine.

Some time ago, on February 21, in the midst of an alleged marriage crisis with his wife, Elari Blasi, (rejected on social media on Tuesday evening February 22), the former Giallorossi captain faced Roma (who won 5-3, for the record) and there was a moment of tension. . It all started when the number 10 took (and scored) a free kick, while the opposing players were settling in. All Roma protested, but Francesco was visibly nervous and instead made it clear to the players that the penalty was more than usual because the referee did not indicate that he had to blow the whistle to restart the match. On that occasion Totti was disturbed by the actions of his opponents and the match was stopped for about a minute.

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