A new era of diagnosing the upcoming disease

Scientists are working on a simpler way to diagnose degenerative disease through blood tests.

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While pharmaceutical companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a possible treatment for the disease Alzheimer’s disease, other researchers focus on a more basic question. In other words, how to diagnose degenerative disease in an easier way. These researchers say a new generation of blood tests could provide an easier and more accurate way to detect signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

New research has found a blood test that can detect i signs of illness In the elderly with memory problems. This discovery may be a small breakthrough because the tests will be easier, cheaper, and available to more people than the brain scans or spinal taps now used to detect biomarkers of disease.

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A new method for diagnosing degenerative dementia

Alzheimer's test
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The Blood tests It marks the very early start of a new era of Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Diagnosing the disease takes time and is inaccessible to people who live far from memory clinics or other professionals. It’s called a blood test Precision, which uses a technology called mass spectrometry, which measures amyloid proteins and the genetic risk of disease. In two studies published in Open Journal of the American Medical AssociationCompared to the brain scan, the tests accurately detected amyloid protein in 81% of the samples.

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L ‘amyloid It accumulates and forms clumps in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Researchers and drug companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the past two decades to find drugs that can remove amyloid from the brain or that can slow memory decline. But these drugs haven’t been shown to stop Alzheimer’s disease. A simple blood test to diagnose this type of disease is a big step forward.

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