Fiat 500 and 500X “Dulcivita”: the new special edition

Fiat launches the new and exciting Special Series “Dolcevita Special Edition” In the 500 and 500X, the ultimate expression of the Italian Dolce Vita, capable of combining electrification of hybrid engines with open-air driving. The perfect vehicle for traveling fully immersed in nature.

It is the glamorous, exhilarating spirit that animates the new “Dolcevita” 500 and 500 X series, which perfectly combine the iconic design of the Fiat 500 (the Italian car par excellence), electric drive and the carefree Italian lifestyle that the versions express so well. Convertible and outdoor of the two models.

Fiat Special Series

Thus, the range of specials that have followed each other over the past few years is expanding today. We met unique cars, born from collaborations with important brands – from fashion to luxury boats, from technology to heritage – with which the Turin manufacturer explored unusual areas for the city car. In fact, let’s not forget that the special editions are Important key to success for 500one of the most valuable models of the brand, an authentic symbol of the Italian brand Dolce Vita, which over time has managed to develop, without losing its identity and relevance, even in the urban mobility of the future.

Hybrid engine

The special series “Dolcevita” is 100% electrifiedas evidenced by the 48V T4 1.5 130 HP DCT Hybrid engines for the 500X and the 1.0 70 HP MT for the 500. Both are equipped with advanced hybrid technology which, in addition to being environmentally sustainable and affordable for low operating costs, is above all simple and human-centric.

Fiat 500 Dolcevita: the elegance of the interior

Fiat 500X “Dolcevita Special Edition”

The new Special Series enters the Fiat 500 range, featuring a precious gelato White livery combined exclusively with the Ivory soft top. Elegant Soft Ceiling It opens with a single touch in seconds and has been specifically designed to keep load capacity unchanged. The exterior is decorated with chrome and satin details – on the front lip, fog lights and mirror caps – 18-inch alloy wheels with gray details and the “Dolcevita” logo written in elegant italics.

inside of The car features new ivory-touch seats with white stitching and the “500” badge. The driver’s seat has electrical controls. The white dashboard is very elegant, as are the chrome details on the gear knob and special mats. The special 500X “Dolcevita” series is offered with 48V T4 130 CV SYSTEM DCT Which combines the new generation FireFly engine – a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with 130 hp – and the 48V 15 kW electronic motor.

Fiat 500 “Dolcevita Special Edition”: the unique series of the icon

The car is offered on the market only in the Cabrio version, and it comes in the color Gelato White with a beige soft top cover. Chrome mirror caps and 16-inch alloy wheels Precious black diamond finished. The “Dolcevita” logo in italics underlines its elegance.

The new Fiat 500 and 500X Dolcevita

Fiat offers the elegant Dolcevita Special Edition for the 500 and 500 X

The passenger compartment’s upholstered in ivory Pelle Frau leather seats is new, with white inserts and the 500 logo on them. Elegance is evident by the wood instrument panel strip, leather gear shift bracelet, 50/50 split rear seat, and white-edged specific seat mats. Standard features include a 7-inch TFT infotainment system with satellite navigator. The new special 500 series “Dolcevita” was launched on the market exclusively with Hybrid Engine 70 HP, which combines the innovative 1-liter 3-cylinder engine from the FireFly family, which delivers 70 hp (51.5 kW) and a 12-volt BSG (combined starter alternator) electric motor, as well as a lithium battery. Efficient, compact and lightweight hybrid power unit.

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