The controversy escalates but she is proud of it

Constant striving for perfection can play tricks on you. He knows her well Kim kardashianwhich seems to have fallen again (here the previous) trap the image editing metadata. This is a mistake. Unleashing the web’s fury that once again accused her of wanting to create models that don’t actually exist.

Loving the body… retouched

Kim Kardashian looks in Fendi x Skims
Kim patinatissima to promote his products

Kim kardashian We try to foster a love of body and diversity. He created a line of underwear, scraping, which suggests wearing all sizes (from XXS to 4XL) and all skin colors (his clothes are turned in dozens of shades). But then he can’t resist the temptation to appear flawless on social media, nullifying his fusion work. The latest coupon comes straight from Instagram, where Kim posted three photos that look natural, but are actually very shiny.

Where is the navel?

Kim Kardashian accused of over-retouching her photos
Kim is standing by the pool

In the shots, the star is posing in front of the pool wearing her trademark sweatpants and underwear. It is a pity that in the eager search for flawless content, it seems that the navel has also been erased. Could it be under shorts? Followers don’t seem completely convinced. I didn’t know your navel was so low I forgot something about your belly navel left the conversationThey tease her in the comments. After days of controversy, it was the same Kim kardashian To return to the topic. Which makes the situation worse. “I didn’t realize how much you liked my Photoshop posts. If you like this, I have a lot of others,” the entrepreneur wrote sarcastically.

“Modified” granddaughters

Kardashian then revealed that she also retouched her granddaughters for aesthetic reasons. In October 2021, the influencer brought his daughter Chicago with cousin Stormy to Disneyland. There he took many pictures but when his sister Kylie Jenner Not giving her permission to post the photos, Kim decided to replace Stormi’s face with that of True, another niece. Kourtney Kardashian. The color of the little girl’s pants has also been changed. the reason? Keep the color streak in shades of pink and blue from her Instagram feed. “You know how important aesthetics are to me, I just couldn’t let Kylie ruin my page,” she added. Kim kardashian proudly. Another misstep that fans didn’t like. Check it out (retouched?) in our gallery.

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