“There is a long-term project with Allegri. I’m out of Juventus? I’m calm and having fun. Anyone who doesn’t win brings regret.”

during the eventIl Foglio in Milan“Juventus spoke number one Andrea Agnelli. Am I outside the community? I’m calm, I know what we’re doing and I’m having fun, that’s the main aspect.”

It will be a good match against Inter in the Italian Cup final.

“Every tournament has its importance, I think the most important of all is the tournament because it embodies the best of the season. The Champions League has more appeal but every title counts.”

Are there any regrets during the season?

“Those who did not win bring regret: there were negative moments, what had an effect was that Juventus-Inter led to completely opposite rulings in the two seasons.”

Will Allegri remain in Juventus?

“It’s a long-term project, we knew this year was going to be difficult and to regret not winning the final is a good omen for the future.”


“He’s an exemplary, top-notch CEO.”

Juventus is the only club that has a second team, is that something you need?

“We give the boys the opportunity to express themselves in a very physical tournament like the Serie A. This is certainly more effective than creating new categories or implementing a quota system.”

Was Dybala’s farewell the result of excessive financial demands, or do you think he gave everything for Juventus?

“He gave everything for Juventus, decisions are the girls of moments. In December I would say Dusan Vlahovic at Juventus was impossible, in January when we started talking about it I thought it was very difficult in January. Resources are limited and you have to choose where to invest them: we have Vlahovic, De Ligt, Locatelli. Making an unsustainable offer would not be suitable for the club and for Dybala himself, who has to take the last step in his career.”

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