Ukraine: The European Union is preparing to stop Russian oil. From Guterres to Borodinka: “The Unacceptable Destruction of the Twenty-first Century” – The World

Sending arms to Ukraine and other countries constitutes a “threat to the security of Europe”. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, citing TASS.

“Tonight was filled with a huge number of phosphorous bombs. Fifty air raids, rockets, artillery shells and everything a barbarian could use against humanity.” This was stated by the deputy commander of the Azov battalion Svyatoslav Palamar in a video broadcast on the telegram channel Ukraina24.

Putin’s warning about a possible “quick response” with “weapons that no one else has” from Russia in the event of a strategic threat to its territory should be taken “very seriously”, but “it should not worry us too much.” This was claimed by Ben Wallace, Minister of Defense in the British government of Boris Johnson. For Wallace, Putin is raising a rhetoric of “covering up his failures” in Ukraine. “NATO takes it incredibly seriously and we must take it very seriously – he adds – but without being intimidated by our commitment to defend Ukraine from its brutality.”

China attacks NATO, which is an “instrument for individual states to seek hegemony” not only in the North Atlantic, but also in Asia and the Pacific, to which they have turned in recent years “to demonstrate their power and provoke conflicts.” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, responding to British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss’s views on the importance of NATO in having a global perspective – citing Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific region – noted that, “As a result of the Cold War and the world’s largest military alliance, the Alliance should assess the situation and make the necessary adjustments.” “.

The German Bundestag agreed to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine. After a parliamentary debate, the motion was passed by a majority of votes and opposition. Deputies approved by 586 votes to 100 against. Seven abstained.

“UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has arrived in Ukraine to meet President Zelensky. At his request, I will go to Zaporozhye to prepare an evacuation attempt from Mariupol. The United Nations is fully mobilized to help save Ukrainian lives and help those in need.” Representative in Ukraine to the United Nations Osnat Lubrani writes on Twitter.

Backpacker’s trip to Ukraine – “When I see these buildings destroyed by the war, I imagine my family and my granddaughter in a panic and running away. This destruction is unacceptable in the twenty-first century“. This was stated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres in Borodanka, one of the cities most affected by the Russian invasion, and stopped on the main street, in front of 5 10-storey buildings that had partially collapsed and burned. “The war will not end with meetings. The war will end when the Russian Federation decides to end it Guterres added that when, after a ceasefire, there is the possibility of reaching a serious political agreement.

The visit of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Ukraine includes a stop in the Kyiv districts, the theater of actions attributed to Russian troops, and thus Bucha, Erpin and Borodianka. Guterres arrived in Ukraine after being in Moscow.

Civilians are paying the heaviest price for war. “We must remember this in every part of the world,” Guterres said, speaking in front of two apartment buildings in Irbin that were destroyed by Russian bombing. Guterres appealed to Moscow to cooperate with the International Criminal Court in The Hague over possible war crimes committed in Ukraine.

“Life is slowly returning to normal, but now the most serious problem is mines. In the Kyiv region there are still 22,000 detonators left by the Russians. It is a huge task.” This was stated by General Oleksandr Pavlyuk, head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, accompanied by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, on a visit to Borodinka, Bucha and Erbin, cities in the northwest of the Ukrainian capital destroyed by invaders. Last year in March. “What Secretary-General Guterres saw here cannot be compared with what is happening in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions,” said General Oleksandr Pavlyuk. “The Russians say they want to liberate the country and instead destroy everything,” he added.

Ukrainian air defense thwarted the threat of a missile attack from the southeast from the Black Sea to Lviv
. This was announced by Lviv (Lviv) Governor Maxim Kozytsky on Twitter, as reported by The Guardian. Because of the “threat,” the governor wrote, an air alert was thus sounded in the area. He adds that the situation is now “calm”. According to reports from the English newspaper’s website, Kozetsky also said that so far the police have handled 1,568 complaints regarding suspicious people and objects.

New sanctions against Russia soonRussia not only uses gas, but trade relations in general as a weapon. This was confirmed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky In his usual nightly message, the BBC reported. In particular, regarding the decision to cut gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, Zelensky believes that it is clear that “no one in Europe can hope to maintain normal economic cooperation with Russia.” Then the Ukrainian president specified: “Russia considers not only gas, but every trade relationship a weapon,” and insisted that Russia “sees a united Europe as a goal.” The European Union is preparing for a sixth set of sanctions against Russia For the invasion of Ukraine, scheduled to start this week, which will also include the gradual halt of Russian oil, while The exchange of accusations between Moscow and Kiev continues over alleged war crimes The United States, denouncing the new violations committed by the Russian army, is preparing to provide more assistance to Ukraine over the next five months. Yesterday, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, speaking to the European Council already stated Yes Italy to the new sanctionsIt calls for the search for peace through dialogue, not through tests of strength between great powers Prime Minister Draghi is preparing to visit US President Joe Biden on May 10 to strengthen the alliance.

The US said it had received “credible information” that a Russian military unit had executed Ukrainians who wanted to surrender near Donetsk, “executions of people with their hands tied, torture and sexual violence against women and girls”, such as revealing “systematic”. Abuses.” Moscow, together with one of its diplomats at the United Nations, responded that the Ukrainians tortured prisoners in a torture center in Mariupol called the “Library”.

In the case of a European company’s purchase of Russian gas “if the stipulated contract provides for payments in euros or dollars, the company’s obligation ends when you make payments in euros or dollars.” “If the ruble is paid, then we are not talking about the stipulated contract, we are talking about circumvention of sanctions.” European Commission spokesman Eric Mammer said in a briefing to the daily press.

weapons – After the NATO summit in Ramstein, at which many voices were raised in favor of rearmament, Putin threatened to use secret weapons against the West and the Ukrainians already denounced the use of phosphorous weapons. Kyiv is asking the United States for other weapons, especially attack aircraft and ammunition, a request awaiting approval from Biden, who has asked Congress for funding to support Ukraine, from a military and humanitarian point of view, for another 5 months. Meanwhile, the American Chamber approved a law allowing the confiscation and sale of the assets of the sanctioned oligarchs and the use of the proceeds of reconstruction in Ukraine.

gas knot – After the cessation of Poland and Bulgaria, the Speaker of the State Duma asked to close the taps to all “enemy countries”. In Italy, flows from Russia are currently regular, although the ruble payment is excluded, but the government is working to diversify the sources of supply. The next payments to Moscow are scheduled for mid-May. An ultimatum from Berlin: “With an energy ban, Germany will enter a recession.”

The second man fled to Gazprombank, as of March 2, he will join the Ukrainian Regional Defense Forces, the fourth high-ranking director to abandon Putin. In Italy, another oligarch, Vladimir Lisin, is known as the richest man in Russia. The Ukrainian military said the Russian death toll had risen to 22,400 since the offensive began and that it had shot down several Russian planes and a drone over Odessa.

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