Xbox Series X and S sell more than PS5 because Microsoft was good –

PS5 Not found in stores. This fact tells us why sales From PS5 slowed down. I wish we could also assume that with a larger amount of stock, the Sony console would sell for a lot more than it does now. But this is pleonastic. But read the excellent results of Xbox Series X and S. Only in view of those in the competition console is pure blindness.

The latest global data tells us that Microsoft’s next-generation consoles sell better than Sony’s. Instead of basing the analyzes on a mere comparison of the two, why not limit ourselves, for once, to recording the fact that under the guidance of Phil SpencerHas the Xbox division hit nearly all of them for a few years now, rebuilding the market it lost with the Xbox One generation? Why not just admit that the two new Xbox consoles are desirable, regardless of the competition, for a variety of reasons beyond the console war? Or we really want to keep thinking that millions of people are buying a console or not because there are poor people out there vying for it in the forums/social/comment sections to prove that 1fps or less in a cross-platform game does everything that makes a difference in the world ?

Do you like it or not, Microsoft She managed to sell her product and did not do it at anyone’s expense. It worked because it gave it a lot of added value with Xbox Game Pass and premium services like Smart Delivery. It worked because it made the new generation more accessible with the Xbox Series S, the console that partially filled the void left by a shortage of inventory due to the semiconductor crisis. It has succeeded because it has launched some very cool and popular titles like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. It succeeded because it proved active with big acquisitions that attracted players, such as Bethesda and Activision (provided that the latter was successful). It worked because it initially developed a system to allow buyers to reuse their old games with new consoles, without making them spend a single cent, which gives them a strong sense of security. In short, it has succeeded because it has rebuilt its reputation and embraced new markets, and it has achieved results even when it seemed out of the question.

Phil Spencer has done a great job with Xbox

Behind the stellar numbers for the Xbox, there’s a great job that began years ago when many, rather than looking at Spencer’s long-term project with necessary curiosity, were there to count the exclusivity as if they were the only crux of the matter. Spencer and his men knew the Xbox One generation was lost and they put everything into the next generation, starting with the principle of having to beat it, conceptually. Ironically, the end of hardware slavery and a focus on services allowed him to sell more equipment.

Conclusion: With more stock available, it’s possible, and indeed likely, that the PS5 sold more, but that doesn’t diminish the success of the Xbox, which would have sold well anyway, since it made its consoles attractive products regardless of Choices from the competition.

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