Chelsea, Ineos out of time, one step away from Boehly and Wyss for 4.7 billion

Billionaire Ratcliffe came too late with a superb offer of 5 billion, but negotiations will now almost end with the group of American businessman and Swiss billionaire

Another union joins the list of those who want Chelsea: even ‘Mr Ineos’ has set his sights on the Blues, looking for a new owner after the end of the Abramovich era. British businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe made an offer of 5 billion euros to acquire the club, which the Russian oligarch offered for sale even before the sanctions imposed by the London government in connection with the invasion of Ukraine.

Except that according to the latest rumors of a busy day, it could have come too late. Indeed, from the United States, the Wall Street Journal, to Switzerland, Blake, the reckless who will witness the negotiations between the Chelsea management and the duo formed by American businessman Todd Boyle (co-owner of Los Angeles Dodgers) and the billionaire Swiss are a step away from Hansjörg Wyss. The two will complete the deal for a maximum amount of 3.5 billion pounds, approximately 4.7 billion euros.

Between chemistry and cycling

In the afternoon Ratcliffe formalized his interest in a note: “This is a British bid for a British club. We will invest in Stamford Bridge to make it a world-class stadium for Chelsea, so as not to take the club away from its home with the risk of losing the support of the fans.”


The statement continued as follows: “We will continue to invest in the team to ensure an absolute standard of a squad that includes the world’s greatest players, men and women. We hope to continue investing in the youth sector to give the youth their best. A chance to develop talent and become first-team players. We believe London should To have a club that reflects the prestige of the city, as happens with Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern.” Competing for the Blues will be another union featuring Stephen Pagliuca, co-owner of the Boston Celtics and new majority shareholder in Atalanta. Except now it seems Wyss and Boehly are right. Now we need the green light from the government to reach the outcome of the negotiations.

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