Covid: Masks are mandatory until June 15 in transportation, cinemas and hospitals. Trade union protocols at work

The Ffp2 mask will remain mandatory until June 15 on board all local and remote public transportation (trains, planes, subways, trams, buses, etc.) and must be worn at indoor shows and sporting events. Therefore, Ffp2 also survives in cinemas, theaters, concert halls, and sports halls. This was foreseen by an amendment to the Chamber’s approved reopening decree which was incorporated into a “bridge” decree by Health Minister Roberto Speranza and which will remain in effect from 1 May until the conversion of the decree. The text does not refer to work, both public and private, where protocols between companies and trade unions will apply. But it was determined that “respiratory protection devices are still recommended in all indoor public places or places open to the public.”

Masks are also mandatory in hospitals and schools

The obligation to wear masks indoors has also been extended until June 15 for visitors to health and social facilities, from hospitals to health housing, from hospice homes to rehabilitation facilities. There are no anticipated measures for shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, stadiums and outdoor shows. This means that the mask can be removed here, although its use is still recommended. However, in the semester, the mask remains mandatory until the end of the school year, as required by the law already in force. Students 6 years of age and older are required to continue wearing them through the end of the school year, although pressure has continued to remove them for the past few days.

At work I do trade union protocol on masks

In private workplaces, protocols between companies and trade unions apply. The current anti-Covid agreement, signed in April 2020 and renewed a year ago, stipulates the obligation to use a mask. Businesses and labor unions will meet on May 4 to see if the existing rules, which remain in place until that date, will be extended or changed. The obligation can remain or can be limited to a recommendation. With “freedom” then it is left to individual companies to move from recommendation to commitment. For public offices and for the entire public administration, a circular from Minister Renato Brunetta is already ready where it will be indicated the basic standards of prevention and health protection that will be followed and who will recommend the use of a mask

The order, as of May 1, depends on the required form of travelers

It should also be noted that Health Minister Roberto Speranza signed the ordinance on travel abroad as the novelty relates to the Passenger Locator Form (Plf) which will no longer be necessary from 1 May. This is the form that health authorities use for travel outside the national territory.

Towards a return to normal life

With the actual archiving of the Green Corridor and the limitation of the obligation to wear a mask indoors, the rules for managing the epidemic have thus been relaxed from May 1. Most of the rules set out in the latest anti-Covid decree of March 24 expire on April 30. Those relating to the Green Traffic Commitment (in its “basic” and “enhanced” version) will not be extended by the government. The green certificate will no longer be required for any activity, except for hospital visits.

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