How to leave Twitter (before Elon Musk arrived)

Which color Bought Twitter Mask and Users Sectionbetween those who remained insensitive to the news and those who They are thinking of alternative solutions. Those who choose to follow other paths have two possibilities: temporarily suspending the account or closing it permanently. Both are quick procedures, but require different procedures.

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by Emmanuel Capone

Temporarily suspend the account

Taking yourself off Twitter for a while can help clear your thoughts before you finally decide to permanently close your account. To do this from the web, after logging in to Twitter, you have to select else From the menu on the left, then Settings and privacy and then the sound Disable Account. Those who use an application for smartphones or tablets, after authenticating themselves on the account, must press the top left (where the profile picture appears) select the item Settings and privacyThen your account and finally Deactivate your account.

By clicking on the item disableIt is written in red at the bottom of the pageYou have 30 days to review everything and reactivate it by logging into your account again before the 30 days have passed. What you need to know is that after this deadline, the user profile and any product data will be permanently deleted.

Cancel Account

To say permanent goodbye to Twitter at Procedure to be followed It is the same as described above, but it may be useful to first download a copy of all published content and all information related to the account.

by pressing Download your data archive Zip file will be produced within 24 hours: Those who requested it will receive an email with a link to continue downloading the file, after which they will be able to deactivate the account.

The most accurate and zealous can also delete the data manually, by choosing the account information item from the above list your account. Deleting tweets is more complicated: There are online tools like TweetDelete (we talked about it here)which allows you to remove them all at once, otherwise it is necessary to do this with each one, by clicking on the three horizontal dots that appear to the right of each chirp and selecting the item clear conversation.

It goes without saying that both deactivation and deletion of the account are valid In both Twitter browser and app version: After 30 days of waiting, the account is closed and all data is deleted.


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Another trick

To increase the level of privacy you can choose Make your tweets visible to followers only: In this case after selecting the item PRIVACY AND SECURITYChoose Audience and tags and click Protect your tweets.

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