If we can’t sleep well at night and wake up tired, we’re probably making these 3 mistakes to avoid

Sleep disturbances can seriously affect our lives, making us feel tired during the day and unable to carry out obligations. Chronic fatigue and lack of focus when we sleep poorly are normal results.

Studies say that sleeping at least 7 hours without interruption is necessary to rest in the right way and to ensure the well-being of our bodies. When this does not happen, we must investigate and understand the causes that must be addressed as quickly as possible.

If we can’t get a good night’s sleep, it’s possible that some stressors are stressing our nervous system. Anxiety or depression on the one hand, or hyperactivity and brain activity on the other, can disturb the night’s rest. We should not underestimate the problem. If we don’t have heart failure or high blood pressure and we don’t have thyroid problems, it may be our lifestyle that is punishing us.

Causes and consequences

Consumption of coffee, alcohol and nicotine can lead to insomnia in our lives, especially if it is elevated due to stress. This association should be avoided at all. Our mood and thus our work can be affected. Losing focus or feeling sleepy at the wrong times is not the best way to handle everyday tasks. Sleep quality and sleep speed are key. Amount of diet and daily physical activity.

It is the mistakes in food and sports that make this task difficult for us. Adrenaline and energy must be present at the right moments, while with a night’s sleep the body must recharge its energy. Physical activity, especially if it is very strenuous, should be done during the first part of the day. Working out all day and going to the gym to get some energy can backfire.

If we can’t sleep well at night and wake up tired, we’re probably making these 3 mistakes to avoid

The metabolism is very active in the early hours of the day. Physical activity allows us to release toxins, which has benefits on the sleep-wake cycle, blood pressure, and hormone production. For similar reasons, the diet should also follow these rules. The number of calories consumed during the day should decrease and the daily requirement should be reached in the afternoon. Eating large meals in the evening can be a huge mistake that makes sleep restless and disrupted.

The third mistake concerns insufficient supplementation of magnesium, melatonin and plant extracts. Magnesium helps us sleep better, while melatonin reduces the time it takes to fall asleep. Passion flower, lemon balm and valerian tea should become a habit before going to bed.

Anyway, let’s make sure that the mattress has the right characteristics for our needs and that the room is not noisy.

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