Is it DLC? –

a modern from elden ring It allows the player to discover the existence of an arena, new enemies and a place of blessing, all of which are hidden behind walls – these items can be part of DLC coming.

After the mysterious wall poisoning Elden Ring players, FromSoftware’s spirit-like structures continue to appear unexpected contentIt was clearly put there by the developers for future use.

In this particular case they were found behind a wall Square, new aggression and a place of gracebut to find out exactly what it is, we’ll have to wait for the Japanese studio to announce it.

Available from February on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, Elden Ring continues after weeks of discussion not only for its official features, but for all the Easter eggs and user discoveries, unofficial and otherwise.

A situation that actually occurred at the time of the closed beta, in which some modders in particular used to find out everything possible about the game before the official launch. Ah, but have you read the Elden Ring review?

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