Masks inside until June 15 in transportation and shows – health

Inseparable escort masks for another month and a half, until June 15, in many places indoors. The obligation to use masks, FFp2, is still, in fact, in local public transport and long distances, for shows open to the public, in cinemas, theaters, entertainment venues, live music and for all the sporting events and competitions held indoors.

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This will also be the case for workers, employees, and visitors to hospitals, health facilities, and social health and social care, including RSA. However, in other workplaces, it is recommended to use only such protective devices.

Use the mask in stores

mask in your pocket, Recommended, ready to wear In the case of gatherings, even in closed public places or places open to the public such as shops or shopping centers. Starting May 1, we will bid farewell to the Green Passage. Pointing to the future use of masks is the amendment approved today in the committee in the chamber to the last Covid decree in March and which was followed by that of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, which is necessary to bridge the technical times of the conversion decree. So the obligation will remain in certain places inside the home, while in all workplaces without distinction between the public and private sectors – except for workers in the health sector and hospitals – the mask will only be “strongly recommended”. However, if they deem it appropriate, employers can decide to maintain the protocols in force that stipulate the mandatory nature of these protective devices.

At school

The use of masks, whether surgical or more protective, for schools has already been expected to be extended until the end of the 2021-2022 school year. The next central date in the roadmap for ‘relieving’ measures is May 1, Which marks the end of the Green Corridor commitment almost everywhere with almost complete freedom of movement even for non-vaccinators. For another two days only, for some activities (canteens and public competitions, as well as long-distance transportation) it will be mandatory in the basic version (i.e. including swab, as well as vaccination and recovery from Covid). The Enhanced Green Card (issued only after vaccination or recovery) will remain valid for 48 hours for indoor spa, game rooms, discos, conferences and sporting events. From May 1, with the complete forfeiture of the green card, even unvaccinated people will therefore be able to return to the workplace, and therefore no swab will be required. However, workers in the medical and health sector are an exception, as the vaccination obligation is valid until December 31, 2022 under pain of suspension and salary.

However, the duty to vaccinate above 50, law enforcement and the school sector: these categories, if not vaccinated, will continue to incur a fine of €100. Visitors to RSA will continue to be requested until December 31 for the initial vaccination cycle in addition to carrying out a swab or three-dose vaccination. The Minister of Health still calls for caution: “The epidemic is not over and we are also asking for the vaccination campaign to be intensified. We are still in the pandemic but – Speranza emphasizes – we now have different tools to manage it.” The minister also signed another order regarding overseas travel that provides for the confiscation of the passenger locator form – the form used by health authorities for travel – from May 1, which will no longer be necessary. The decree extends the provisions for arrivals from foreign countries until May 31.

in the block

“The trend of infections has held steady for a few weeks now and this data confirms the indications” already published by the CEI in March,” however, noting that the use of masks is still, strictly speaking, recommended in all activities that require people’s participation in indoor spaces. such as ceremonies and Christian education, while the use of Ffp2 respiratory protection devices remains mandatory for events open to the public that are held indoors in movie theater-like rooms, concert halls and theater halls.” This was announced by CEI.

“It should be noted, among other things, that as of May 1, 2022, the green corridor is no longer necessary for the activities organized by the parishes. Likewise, the green corridor is not necessary to reach the workplaces of workers and volunteers. Cooperation “, informs the Italian Episcopal Conference.

States, the mask is in a row in the canteen and in the elevator

The use of FFP2 masks in public offices “is recommended, in particular, for employees who are in contact with the public without suitable protective barriers, for those standing in line in the canteen or other public areas, for those sharing a room with “fragile” employees, in elevators And in cases where spaces cannot exclude crowding.” It can be read in the leaflet just released on mask use in public offices.

The use of the mask is recommended – as it reads in the circular of the Ministry of Public Administration – for individuals who are serving in common rooms with one or more workers, even if there are only two of them, unless there are spaces in which crowds can be excluded but also during face-to-face meetings. However, it should be used if you are in line, even at a bar or to enter the office and “in the presence of any respiratory symptoms”. Protective devices are not necessary – clarifies the circular – in the case of outdoor activities, if one room is available to the employee, in large areas, including common places (such as corridors and stairs) where there is no crowding or sufficient distance between people is maintained. “Each department must – in conclusion, circulate – adopt the measures that it considers most committed to health and safety needs in the workplace, taking into account the evolving epidemiological context and health requirements that can be adopted, also at the local level, by the competent authorities.”

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