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A harsh confrontation lives between the Ukrainian journalist Vladislav Maistruk And Maria Giovanna Magli by Myrta Merlino A the air that pulls On La7, on the April 29 episode: “Go tell Putin With a cease-fire and not for the Ukrainians not to ask for more weapons, “thunder thunder” There are journalists who have the ability. To make their reasons unpleasant Magley answers this question “even when they are the most important and noble.” I don’t want anyone to love me, I say what is happening here,” the journalist insists.

“It is clear that negotiations are taking place with Putin,” Magley asserts. “We Ukrainians are the first to want peace, we die. You are non-peaceful talkers. He’s talking nonsense‘I don’t want to express myself about the lady,’ he attacked, ‘Maestroc. At that point Magley inadvertently comes out.’ six crazy! Thank God you are far away because No one took two slaps.”

Video of the confrontation between Magli and Maestrok in Laria Chee Terra

You killers, they know where I live.  The attack on Vladimir Solovyev, how I saved myself: Del Dipio upset

Then the Ukrainian journalist starts attacking too Francesco Borgonovo de the truth“When you call the publicists and the journalists, you mix everything up,” he tells Merlin. “Borgonovo is Putin’s propagandist, one of Italian Pravda. I don’t care what he thinks. It’s a matter of mental health. I grew up, you question everything.” The presenter is forced to speak: “If you do not listen, you are doing a poor service to your cause, please calm down! You are not the one who gives a driver’s license to someone who speaks or does not speak.”

Angry Mirta Merlino intervenes to stop the Ukrainian journalist

Nuclear attack, but the target is not Ukraine: Soloviev explains to Del Dipio what the end of the world would be

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