Paulo Fox, today April 29, 2022 / What is the day of Aries, Taurus and Gemini?

arrived in Friday 29 April 2022Here are the daily forecasts forPaolo Fox Tower In section Radio LatteMiele with regard to Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

Paulo Fox Tower: IFriday Aries

Aries: Aries is now really ready to raise the hell up, which means if there are things you’re going to say, they’ll talk! He is very loyal and that means that even those few Aries who have kept everything under control, for the sake of the quiet life, can catch fire. to me horoscopes paulo fox Aries is right! Only that sometimes he insists a lot and goes to the wrong side because he finds proud people who don’t want to admit it. Today it is true, but it is very reckless.

What does the Bull Fox predict for Taurus and Gemini?

ox: For those born under the sign of Taurus, this is a moment when you need to clarify many things, as if you had to protect some characteristics: on an emotional level, at work and in a word, you are in a somewhat special situation for everything that he does in this period It can also bring anger, but you know that with wisdom everything is resolved and this weekend is brightened: the mind brings you good thoughts.

twins: Gemini is waiting for new events which is something Gemini hates. We should not pause, we know that there has been this renewal of many signs since the 10th of May, but before that it is a little difficult to receive the answers. Especially in the case of legal disputes and open disagreements.

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