To empty inflamed hemorrhoids and reduce pain, here is a natural remedy that will also help lower cholesterol.

Experts have always emphasized that healthy eating and adequate physical activity can help us live better and for longer. Therefore, a correct lifestyle will have beneficial effects on both the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. We think about cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. But also for all those problems that are not considered serious but annoying in everyday life.

Consider, for example, a problem that would affect at least 50% of the male and female population. Let’s talk about diseases related to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are nothing more than cushions of soft vascular tissue that forms in the last part of the intestine. Under normal conditions, its presence is not felt, but when it becomes inflamed and swells, it can cause pain, burning, etc.

Disorders and causes

Diseases caused by inflammation of hemorrhoids are very troublesome. In fact, in addition to anal pain, you may also experience bleeding, itching, swelling, etc. This problem will not only be caused by frequent straining during bowel movements, but also by constipation, low-fiber diet, pregnancy, etc. Hemorrhoids should be evaluated by a specialist who will recommend the most appropriate treatment based on the degree of inflammation. Creams, medications or even surgical removal in severe cases.

To empty inflamed hemorrhoids and reduce pain, here is a natural remedy that will also help lower cholesterol.

In addition to medications, there are many natural remedies that can relieve the pain associated with hemorrhoids. For example, we can introduce more fiber into the diet, make 10- or 15-minute packets with warm water (sitz baths) or use creams of natural origin. Even a medicinal plant can help us. We are talking about red vine, known for its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It is a very popular climbing shrub that, according to experts, is rich in flavonoids. These would help reduce bad cholesterol.

Red vine may also be able to promote the relaxation of blood vessels and relieve diseases related to varicose veins, hypertension, etc. But it can also be used to empty an inflamed hemorrhoid. We pay attention that red vine can reduce the effectiveness of some drugs and is not indicated in case of pregnancy and lactation. In addition, excessive use may lead to diarrhea, coughing, intestinal problems and allergies. Before taking it, you should contact your doctor.

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