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News from Friday, April 29th about the war in Ukraine, live: The death of a former US Marine. Zelensky recalls the early hours of the war: the Russians are very close to killing the president and his family

• The war in Ukraine has reached its sixty-fifth day

• Yesterday during the visit of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Ukrainian President Zelensky said, there was a missile attack on Kyiv to humiliate the UN, and promised a strong response. At least ten wounded.
• The US Congress approved a measure allowing the president to expedite the supply of arms to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden said an additional $33 billion is needed to support the Ukrainian military effort.
• Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that if Sweden and Finland decide to join NATO, they will be welcomed with open arms
• Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi will go to Biden in the United States on May 10. A cycling trip to Kyiv is also organized.
• From May 1 in Kherson the shopping will be done in rubles

06:53 a.m. – The UN Security Council has failed, says UN Secretary-General

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres held a press conference at the conclusion of his mission to Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. A very complicated task: after making him wait for hours, and banishing him to the enemies’ table, Vladimir Putin wanted to give Guterres another scar, so he sent Russian cruise missiles to the Ukrainian capital as soon as the joint press conference with Zelensky ended. The Secretary-General of the United Nations said that the attack on Kyiv shocked me. Zelensky added that the purpose of those missiles was to humiliate the United Nations.

At the last press conference, Guterres criticized the highest security body of his organization – the Security Council.

Let’s be frank, he said, the Security Council did not do everything in its power to prevent and end this war. This, to me, is a source of great disappointment, great frustration and great anger.

The 15-member Security Council is charged with ensuring world peace. Five permanent members are part of it: among them Russia (which has always, obviously, been opposed to condemning the war it started, and who does not think about war) and China (which has never openly condemned Moscow, limiting itself to the hope of a dialogue to restore peace – and criticism of sanctions the West on Russia, describing it as illegitimate).

06:38 – Early stages of the invasion, Zelensky: The Russians are a few meters away from me and my family. The story in TIME magazine

Ukrainian President Zelensky spoke of the arrival of Russian troops minutes after he and his family were found in the early hours of the war in an interview with Time magazine. Journalist Simon Schuster interviewed the Ukrainian leader as he spent two weeks at the presidential compound in Kyiv earlier this month. On the first day of the war, Schuster wrote that officials tried to seal off the compound with whatever they could find while Ukrainian forces battled the Russians in the streets. He added that Russian forces arrived within minutes of finding him and his family in the early hours of the war, and he heard their fire as soon as he heard their fire within the walls of his office.

06:37 – A former US Marine who was killed fighting alongside the Ukrainians

According to CNN reports, Willie Joseph Kansel, a 22-year-old former US Marine, was killed while fighting alongside Ukrainian forces in Ukraine. His mother, Rebecca Cabrera, said Tajeeb was working with a private military contractor when he was killed on Monday. He added that he canceled his registration to work for the company in addition to his full-time job as a corrections officer in Tennessee before war broke out in Ukraine in late February. Cabrera said Cancel flew to Poland on March 12 and passed through Ukraine between March 12 and 13.

06:24 – Investigation into the missile that flew over the nuclear power plant in Ukraine

The International Atomic Energy Agency has announced that it is investigating a report that a missile flew over a nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

Director General Rafael Grossi explained that Kyiv officially informed the agency that the missile flew over the plant on April 16. The property is located near the city of Yuzhnokransk, about 350 km south of Kyiv.

Grossi said in a statement that the International Atomic Energy Agency is studying the matter, which, if confirmed, would be extremely dangerous. He added that if such a missile took a wrong trajectory, it could have severely affected the plant’s physical integrity, which could lead to a nuclear accident. Grossi did not specify who carried out the launch, but Kyiv has previously accused Moscow of sending missiles directly over nuclear power plants.

06:22 – 8000 British soldiers in Eastern Europe, for NATO exercises

About 8,000 British Army soldiers will take part in scheduled exercises across Eastern Europe in response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, in what promises to be one of the largest deployments since the Cold War.

Written by the Guardian newspaper, citing the British Ministry of Defense.

Dozens of tanks will be deployed between now and summer in Eastern European countries, from Finland to North Macedonia, according to plans developed after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Tens of thousands of NATO soldiers and the Combined Expeditionary Force, which includes Finland and Sweden, will join the exercises.

The Defense Ministry in London said the operation had been planned for some time but had been escalated in response to the Russian invasion in late February. The UK commitment is expected to peak around 8,000 units that will be moved to mainland Europe between now and June.

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