5 tricks to lose weight and reduce waist faster by burning more calories while walking

The goal of many is to burn calories, lose bacon, lose weight, and get fit in the summer. You can lose weight and get a swimsuit on time, even by just walking. There are some tricks you can do on your daily walk to burn more calories.
To lose weight and reach the test of fashion in time, you need to follow a balanced diet and exercise. Many believe that in order to move, you must necessarily go to the gym or run. Walking is the most natural physical activity we do every day. Walking, especially in good weather, has benefits not only for the body, but for the mind as well. Long walks help us get distracted, get rid of stress, stress, and possibly think. And who knows, while walking he did not add this solution that we are looking for so much.

5 tricks to lose weight and reduce waist faster by burning more calories while walking

Those who do not wish to run can walk at least three times a week and can do so after work. With longer days, if you like, you can do it even after dinner. According to the Presidency’s Healthy Eating Guidelines, a normal walk burns up to 3 calories per minute. Walking faster can burn up to 4 calories per minute. A few tricks can make walking more effective in shedding unwanted pounds faster.

Tracks with many gradients help you burn more calories and also boost your cardiovascular activity. So, if you can choose a walking route, it is best to choose a path with many twists and turns. If we find ladders along the way, let’s use them a few times while walking. Climbing the stairs is another way to burn more calories.

Engaging weapons will consume more energy. Experts recommend keeping the elbow flexed at a 90-degree angle and swinging the arms while walking. Moving your arms according to your walking rhythm will help you burn more fat. This simple movement alone will burn 15% more calories. To encourage this movement, many use tools that look a lot like ski poles.

The importance of position

Walking by squeezing the abdominal muscles is another trick to burn more calories. The contraction technique combined with breathing was used by a famous Japanese actor to lose weight. In 6 weeks, the actor claimed that he lost 13 kg and 6 cm of waist, breathes with a certain technique and contracts the abdominal muscles.
Experts advise to be very careful with the position of the body while walking. The correct posture will not only avoid any physical trauma, but will help in burning calories faster. Having a correct posture means that the back and shoulders do not bend. One trick to keeping your back straight is to keep your chin raised and look toward the horizon as you walk with your shoulders extended.

Finally, to make walking more efficient and reduce waist circumference faster, it is also necessary to pay attention to cadence. It’s best to alternate between brisk walking for 30/40 seconds every 2 minutes with calm. Those who feel like it can take a little run. To 5 tricks to lose weight while walking, we also add a suggestion to listen to your favorite music on headphones. This simple trick will help make walking more enjoyable, feel less effort and thus increase performance.


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