Ami, Bear and Twizy: a comparison of the most popular small electric cars. How do they go and how much do they cost

The electric transition saw a rhythm in the early months of 2022 (-14.9% from January to March) due to delays Incentive renewalThe real engine of growth for this sector. But with the refinancing of the environmental bonus (only the publication in the Official Gazette is missing), electric cars are set to take off. Sub box also includes i Electric quad bikes, or mini cars, which is a widespread phenomenon because it represents a practical and certainly less expensive solution to urban mobility. The most popular models out there Renault Twizywhich appeared in 2011, and is still popular in major cities, the Beer from Italian Estrimaand the New Ami, Citroen license platewhich was recently Unveiled a buggy version. The common feature is the ability to drive from the age of 14 with the required license for motorcycles. It is ideal in the city, thanks to its very small size which reduces the habitability of the essentials. They can also spin around in Ztl, park in the two-wheeled bike bays, recharge quickly and the taxes and insurance costs are much lower than cars. They obviously can’t drive on the highway…

April 29, 2022 | 16:25

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