Battlefield 2042 arrives on Xbox Game Pass with EA Play –

Battlefield 2042 about to appear Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via Play EA. DICE’s latest effort has actually gotten into Electronic Arts’ subscription and has also started appearing on Microsoft’s service pages, which you know include.

However, it is currently not downloadable yet. According to some unconfirmed rumors, it will open on May 5, 2022, just as it has already been reported for FIFA 22, another prestigious title that entered service recently.

Battlefield 2042 is one of the most controversial titles of this past Christmas season. Accompanied by a great marketing campaign, it turned out to be a submissive and problematic product, so much so that it soon ended up being desertified by gamers, who continued to prefer the previous seasons to it.

Over the months, DICE has updated it several times and improved many aspects, but still has not been able to fully restore it, so much so that the game still has a bad reputation. Could access to subscription services be his real salvation? Soon, though, it’s easy to expect a steady increase in the number of players, at least in the short term.

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