Esports earthquake and LAN rooms under seizure: ‘It’s illegal’

Bolt out of the blue in the export place and LAN chambers, which found seals on their machines due to exposure.

A bad awakening for fans of esports and video games in the broadest sense are scattered throughout the Italian territory. After the exhibition, some of the country’s leading esports and LAN rooms were set up under reservation. The decision of the Excise, Customs and Monopoly Agency was dictated by the accusation that these rooms would compete with traditional arcades, without complying with the procedures and regulations of the law.

Seals on LAN and Export Chambers –

The news was revealed through the social pages of some of the most popular esports and LAN rooms, such as eSport Palace in Bergamo and PC Teklab in Milan, which have seen photos and videos of the seals ADM has placed on their devices. “Computers, peripherals, driving simulators, everything stops We don’t know how long, unfortunately, “it can be heard in a video filmed at the eSport Palace. It is indicated in the video itself that following the same logic that led to the takeover of the LAN rooms, events such as Milan Games Week or Lucca Comics can no longer be held.” & Games, where games can be played and export equipment provided.Various genres without being ‘linked’ to the regulations in force on amusement arcades.At risk – due to what also appears to be a clear regulatory vacuum – could even be the possibility of trying, in any shopping mall , a game on a displayed device or console.

exposed –

But where does this sudden closure come from? The complaint submitted to the Excise, Customs and Monopoly Agency bears the signature of Led Saudi Riyals and CEO Sergio Melici, whose target, as reported to Agamemig, “Clarify whether esports arcades are not violating current legislation“Our sector has gone through a very complicated period after Covid, and as if that were not enough, we now find ourselves as competitors for entertainment activities that host devices without a coins mechanism, but require you to pay a certain price at the entry price and be able to play so-called electronic games,” “We have strong doubts about the legality of these buildings and that is why we would like the agency to shed light on this,” Melisi explained. Our devices are subject to numerous checks and it is sufficient to have only permission to start the adjustment, while it does not seem that these activities are required to comply with all these procedures. We are unable to understand the regulatory framework within which it operates, which is why we ask ADM to clarify whether or not these activities are legal and what kind of regulations they must comply with.” Until it can be clarified, LAN and esports halls should remain Closed, and as major players in the sector fear, the ruling could also extend beyond the confines of gaming professionals.

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