Gasoline, end of discounts. Monday could be price hike day

There are fears of a sharp rise in gasoline prices since Monday. Will the discounts end and price increases start again from May 1st?

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Because The conflict in Ukraine Economic tensions have risen to the highest levels, creating problems and speculation for many European countries as well. It was one of the biggest problems actually Rising prices The fuel that led to a sharp increase in the quantities of gasoline and diesel.

Precisely for this reason, the government finally decided to intervene in March Cut some tax fees And drop the amounts but there are those who are afraid in a return two months ago. According to some, in fact, we can see an increase in gasoline prices Already from Monday. Will the discounts end from May and will the price increases start again?

Gasoline prices. Will price increases start again from May?

Thanks to the decree Ukraine bisThe government directly intervened in the problem of gasoline prices and provided at least a temporary period of rest for those who use the car for commitments or work. However, it looks like this comfort It might be over soon, with me Gasoline prices which could return to record levels.

Monday May 2In fact, the petroleum bonus required by the government, i.e. 2 . discount, ends5 cents On some fuel taxes. Many are asking for an extension of the sentence, but so far nothing is official. Therefore, starting Monday, May 2, fuel price increases could start again.

After government intervention thanks Decree No. 21/2022also called the Decree of Ukraine bis, we can thus return to the initial situation, when fuel prices far exceeded 2 euros per liter. A situation that would throw road workers back into a serious crisis, as well as dire consequences for businesses.

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The government has already decided extension On May 2, the measure for excise duties which, in the beginning, had an expiration date April 6 2022. Discount included several rates For fuel, gas and oil, including: gasoline 478.40 euros per thousand liters, gas and diesel oils used as fuel 367.40 euros per thousand liters, LPG 182.61 euros per thousand kilograms.

The government’s intention is period lengthening Reducing the excise tax, but it is highly unlikely that this will happen before the end of the extension.

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