Gf Vip 6, Manuel Bortuzzo and the social gesture that infuriates Lulu fans

In recent days, there is nothing on social media other than talking about their breakup Manuel Portozzo And Lulu Selassie.

The news was provided by the stakeholders directly through their social profiles. Initially Manuel Recall, through a press release handle, that the reasons for the break were due to different points of view. While lulu to live Instagram It was reported that the real reasons were due to the interference of third parties in their history. Specifically, he also raised the swimmer’s father, Franco Portozzo Who would have liked some comments against the princess Selassie.

A few days later, on the 25th of April, on Liberation Day, Manuel He was spotted with his ex-girlfriend Federica Pizzi. The latter actually became the protagonist after some stories posted by Vippo’s ex-brother, Kevin Borzozo. In fact the boy a few days after the release of the breakup He posted a picture showing him smiling with Federica.

From that moment the web and many well-known faces caught fire, Especially the former competitors Gf Vip 6they took one side or the other.

But now, to unleash fan criticism and resentment, there is another social move Borzozo. The latter has only in the past few hours begun to follow Instagram ex girlfriend Federica Who re-“continue”.

The ex-couple fan comments I see can’t be missed Twitter Expressing their regret, they wrote:

What an embarrassment Manuel Portozzowith all the media attention, he did one thing he shouldn’t have done.


He has transcended this circus in artistic alchemy.

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