Juventus, Allegri: “The key to the pitch, the goal of the champions. Watch out for Kane”

Juventus coach on the eve of Venice: “We have to win at home. I was pleased with the president’s words about the future: We must return to winning as soon as possible, they have laid a good foundation”

minus four. It’s not the points behind third place, which came close after the final round from a distance, but the ones that Juventus lack in having the sporting certainty of fourth place. This is why the home match against Venice will be an opportunity to place a good mortgage on the upcoming Champions League. “We must return to victory at home – explains Massimiliano Allegri -. There are still 4 points for mathematics, tomorrow we have the opportunity to take three points against a team that just changed coaches and always fought. In the last 4 games we have always conceded goals, we must reverse this trend. Requires It’s a lot of respect for the opponent and we shouldn’t think we’ve hit the target because it isn’t.”

Count the men

Juventus will return with a team still in emergency, even if multiple absences become the norm): Cuadrado is still off the field, De Sciglio is injured and Arthur has recovered to be seated on the bench. “In order to be able to achieve a targeted turn towards the Coppa Italia, we have to play football – joking -. We don’t have any advantage over Inter, even if they are still competing for the Scudetto.” Danilo is bruised but will go to the field anyway, in attacking ballot Ken Morata: “Kane never scored trivial goals, always decisive, in Sassuolo he entered in the right spirit, he is in good physical and mental health and I am happy with what he was doing. Done Danilo left to rest for two days, and today he trained with the team, he will need to rest but he has to play with strength. Cuadrado must return to Genoa, maybe De Sciglio, McKinney and Locatelli will return, and we hope to get them back by the end of the season, but it will not be easy. ”

how much problem

Injuries, which have bothered the team so much this year, do not deserve special attention from Allegri: “Muscle injuries were average, those who were out for a long time were sore. Even Danilo, who had been persistent for so long, was actually a sore problem that was accused after a fight in the game.” Anyway, it says a lot about how well the team has done so far, but now we have to do the hardest thing, and finish fourth.”

Race for Naples

With the Scudetto title fading, third place remained: “It was a difficult season and now we have the opportunity to play in third place with Napoli. Getting to it will be important because in January we got the right standings. Over the past three months, Juventus have done some good things. Of course, I don’t mind fighting for the Scudetto. We should be there next year. The words of Agnelli (talking about a long-term project with the coach) made me happy, Juve have won a lot in the last 10 years and have also been good in Europe, we need to come back to excel as soon as possible. Possible. There is a tendency in Italy to drop coaches overnight, but it is not the case in England.” This year we have built a good foundation and worked very well with the club. We are on the right track.”

Season without Master

If he could choose, Allegri would only replay one game: “The Champions League game. This year we didn’t lose all the way but it was a tough start. The team is in good physical shape despite the injuries. We have to finish the game well. To continue the work started here.” . Basically there were also some positive things, we do reviews at the end. It’s been a strange season in general: all this uncertainty is due to the fact that there is no absolute value to the team that can dominate the season. Championship”.

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