Lecce lost 2-1 in Vicenza and another match point against Pordenone

LECCE – At the end of an absurd match, which Vicenza won in the last minute by a ratio of 2 to 1, Lecce is forced to resort to the second match point: to cross the finish line of direct promotion in the Italian league, the last obstacle must be to overcome, Pordenone predicted Friday evening in Via del Mare.

The match in Vicenza had a moment of interruption in the 68th minute: after Strefezza’s goal, with the team swarming under the visitors’ sector welcoming some 1,300 Salento fans, a firework exploded behind the billboards placed behind the goal. Contini. The extreme Vicenza district collapsed about ten meters away. He was rescued by the team’s doctors, then off on a stretcher, and replaced by Grande (he was taken to the hospital, the diagnosis was terribly shocking and astounding).

Before the match resumed, it was also necessary to return the scoreboards to their feet after the goal (in this case, a small ball boy treated a slight bruise on his calf): twelve minutes passed. The consequences of throwing firecrackers, which remains a dangerous and incomprehensible gesture, will be evaluated by the sports judge based on what the referee, Mariani di Aprilia, said in the scoring sheet: There will certainly be a maximum fine for the guest club Costadora, hoping to avoid the hypothesis of a total or partial closure of the stadium . It is clear that President Saverio Stecchi Damiani condemned what happened while the director of the technical zone, Pantalio Corvino, in the goalkeeper’s position referred to speculation aimed at changing the course of the match.

(Here are the statements of Stecchi Damiani, Pantalio Corvino and Marco Baroni)

When the match resumed, Vicenza was forced to win to remain hopeful of redemption, they pushed hard forward, but without making any tangible impression while the Lecce players abandoned the role of the team that deserved a clear victory to wear the ones that were amazed. Team, almost unsure of what to do.

And so the penalty kick came with Diao in the decisive second episode of the day. The maximum penalty was awarded in the 92nd minute by referee Marini, after a video review: Helgason barely touches the foot of Megarini (who took the position from Zonta) who intervenes behind him and anticipates his presence. Gabriel saved the execution of the same Miguernini, very poorly, but Farr, Guersini, notes the goalkeeper’s irregularity: at the moment of serving, both feet were in front of the line. Then Diao went to the point and guessed the right angle despite diving on the right side of the lychee end.

With about ten minutes left to play, the hosts further exposed themselves to restarting the Giallorossi until the decisive third episode of the game: with three minutes remaining for Rodriguez, who had started on the counterattack and outnumbered, looking for Ragusa on the right, Gargiulo more easily ignored on his left. Vicenza defenders intercept the ball to give life to a new act of which Ranocchia ends up with a shot at the near post leaving Gabriel unprepared. Such a match was achieved.

At the referee’s triple whistle, Vicenza found itself at hand the possibility of direct salvation passing through a victory in Alessandria, while for Salentin there is a ridiculous day that must be presented quickly and focus only and exclusively on Friday’s game: Pordenone has already been relegated for weeks, but on the pitch must You win to reach 71 and you don’t have to worry about other results. Cremonese (66 points), who was defeated at home by Ascoli, will go to Como against a team of no more pretensions, Monza (67) will go to Perugia with Umbrian (55) invited to the last attack on Frosonone (58) in order to tie up the pitch train. If neither of them wins from Lombardy, it would still be an upgrade for Lecce.

Vicenza-Lecce scoreboard 2 to 1

VICENZA (3-4-2-1): Contini (74′ Grande); Bruscagin (hat) (74′ Giacomelli), De Maio, Brosco; Mai, from Cruz, Zonta (61′ Meggioreni), Lukaku (74′ Kriko); Caffeon (95 Dalmont), Ranokia, Diao. Available: Pasini, Padilla, Bickel, Polly, Cappeliti, Dalmonte, Centre, Alessio. Coach: Baldini

LECCE (4-3-3): Gabriel; Gendry (98′ Calabrese), Lucioni, Dermaco, Gallo; Blin (80′ Helgason) (98′ Rodriguez), Hjulmand, Gargiulo; Strefezza (83′ Ragusa), Coda, Di Mariano (73′ Listkowski). Available: Belive, Blizzari, Ragusa, Toya, Bjorkengren, Barrica, Calabrese, Mager, Asensio. Coach: Baroni

Scorers: 68′ Strefezza; 95′ Diao; 103 ‘frog

Reservation date: 69′ Strefezza, 38′ Lucioni, 88′ Diaw, 100′ Ragusa

Referee: Mariani from the Aprilia division. Assistants: Mondine from Treviso and Del Giovanni from Albano Laziale.

Fourth official: Marini of Trieste

var: Ghersini of Genoa; VAR Assistant: Brems from Bergamo

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